Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interesting news...

I followed up with that sales pitch Furry Husband and I made to a local large vendor for our lotion.

I didn't want to follow up cuz the woman we pitched it to didn't seem too keen on our product. And she wrinkled her nose because I use a preservative in my lotion. Yes, actual nose wrinkle, like she smelled rotten eggs! (I know that isn't for everyone but still... manners?)

I knew I needed to hear all forms o' rejection and I called.

She was off that day, so I shot her an e-mail. I was going to give her the next day to get back to me and follow up with another call if I hadn't heard from her. (good grief... it's like dating... how long after you get a phone number should you wait to call??)

We got an e-mail from her last night.

I called Furry Husband in..."Are you ready for the scathing rejection honey? Steel yourself!"

I clicked the e-mail open.


Wouldja lookit that.

It was a really positive response.

She and her staff LOVE our lotion and she inquired how we are coming on the UPC codes and how long it would take to develop a line using essential oil vs. fragrance oil.

Interesting. Furry Husband and I were sort of at a loss.... we were both so sure the preservative was a deal breaker.

(yes, yes. I know there are all natural all the time people out there and I don't fault them at all, to each their own in this wiggly world! I, however, am definitely NOT an all natural all the time sort of gal and I don't mind a little science in my life, whether it's in my toothpaste, shampoo, gortex cold weather gear, hair dye, vibram soled hiking boots, cold medicine or hair goo to make the frizz go away.... *ahem * mostly... the frizz is mostly gone)

I guess the thing to take away from this experience is to always follow through with your sales calls even when you think the answer will be no.

And it was cool because this experience helped Furry Husband and I decide a few things.

We are not really after the 100% all natural crowd... they were never our intended audience. If that was who we were after, we would have made many different decisions in our formulation and product presentation.

There are many other market segments and types of people to present our product to.

Our goal was to promote the fun and functionality of goats in a way that was unique and lighthearted while providing a product that was useful.

It confirmed our belief in our product. We really LIKE our product. We have no doubt that it is a good lotion that will moisturize the dry cracks right out of your hands and feet. We made it because we couldn't find anything else that worked as well in this moisture sucking Colorado climate.

Oh, it's not a "done deal" by any means. There are many things to discuss and it's completely uncharted territory.... should be a fun ride even if we don't end up going down that road. We are gonna learn LOTS.

I'll keep ya posted.


Cheryl said...

Wow, it's a good thing you followed up. Are you planning on setting up mail order?

DebH said...

You did good! My husband was in sales for 15 years and he became quite immune to rejection, and I was always so surprised at his pressing the issue sometimes more than I ever would. People really liked him though, so it works. He didn't let it get to him personally. I know I even say things out loud that aren't intended to be rude,,but when I think back on it..(if I am that lucky) really could be a little too odd an weird people out. Hate That!! I think direct sales is really an eye opener and like I tell my kids....everyone should have to be put in several different types of jobs early on. Say for instance, Waitressing , Bartending and Direct Sales..boy does it show you some things about people. Makes for a well rounded person in the end too!!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

That's awesome news! FWIW I do think there are a lot of people like you out there, who are just fine with mostly natural. The nose wrinkle is too funny, but hey, made for a better story at least :) Woohoo!

Shanster said...

Cheryl - I have a website but... it's a work in progress and my "store" needs some help and I'm really not the most technical person! We are working it out tho!

DebH - Furry is in wine sales so he helps prod me a lot... yes, it really does help to take things in context and certainly none of it is personal. I'm sure it's more about my own insecurity with the process. I'll develop a thicker skin and it's really o.k. if my lotion doesn't work for people, that doesn't bother me... I do want all sorts of feedback. I think it was the nerves of presenting it to a large business and stretching my comfort zone. You are such a good, kind soul - I appreciate you!

Shanster said...

Michelle - thanks so much! We are excited and exploring options for retailing it... it's cool and I hope it really does spread the goatie love around... they are too cool.