Saturday, May 22, 2010

CDEC schooling show...

Just got home from the Cheyenne Dressage and Eventing Club schooling show. They do a small cross country event course and dressage tests up to First Level this time of year. It's a great place to get the horses (and yourself) out and thinking about showing.

I went up with our trainer and a couple others to support Meg and Ann who were showing.

Today was a good day - the weather held and it was a beautiful, sunny day. Ann and Meg did fabulously with their mares. There were a lot of kids who rode and they did such a great, great job - it was super fun to watch and I actually sort of enjoyed going to a show sans horse! Relaxing, watching, enjoying, supporting my friends and simply being.

I didn't bring a horse this year. Sera is semi-laid up and Rosso... well, I just didn't feel like dealing with a "first outing" this spring. Did I tell you my motivation is sorely lacking? I hope it comes back soon...

I took Sera there for her first outing several years ago. Oh - man. That day sucked ass. She was on her hind legs most of the day... I couldn't tie her to the trailer because I was afraid she'd pull back and get loose. She was rearing and spooking and jumping sideways every 3 seconds and did I mention rearing? Full on straight up, thought she'd go over backwards sort of rearing. It was awful.

At one point in the day the wind picked up and it began sleeting sideways. Everyone ran for the barn or to their cars/trucks... all the horses on the grounds disappeared into trailers, the arena or into the barn and Sera about flipped her lid thinking she was the last equine left standing (on her hind legs I might add) on planet Earth.

When it came time to ride, she did o.k. warming up outside but once in the arena she had a fit... running - literally running - sideways through her shoulder, backing up rapidly, shaking her head, threatening to rear.... I was kicking her with all I had over and over and over to move her forward and she just about went right through a group of people blocking the exit to the arena... omg.

She was just a mess and when it was all over I was wondering what in the hell was I thinking to ever get a young horse and think I could train it?

I took her up last year with Furry Husband.

She was pleasant as pie.... stood tied to the trailer, all four feet on the ground cuz she NEVER rears or threatens to rear any more. Warming up was a blast...we rode a First Level test and the judge's comments were that I was holding Sera back, she was an amazing horse and would go far.

Oh - if she only knew.... I'm not a professional, I know my trainer could and can make Sera look like a million bucks... but I'm pretty proud of my girl and how far we'd come. I smiled and thanked the judge, content and happy that Sera and I were having such a good time together.


Heather said...

Ahh, the satisfaction!

Cheryl said...

I hope you get your motivation back soon too!! Sounds like a fun day anyway even without your horse. Hope she feels better soon :) *Hugs*

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've made progress with Sera. Now it's time to get motivated with Rosso.
Sounds like your first outing with Sera was all laughs.

Susan said...

Had to catch up - congratulations on the goat babies. I have one doe who still looks as big around as yours and she only had two. The other one had three kids, but one died. We nursed her along for six days, but she was just too weak. I let them nurse for a couple of months before I start separating at night so I can milk the does in the morning.

Kelley said...

It's so important to keep in mind how far you have come!!! Such A Good Mare!!! Such a good Shannon!! : )
Sorry I did not make it over to hang out with you guys.

Shanster said...

Heather - yes, it's nice to have a nice, solid, real ridin' hoss!

Cheryl - it WAS a really fun day sitting back and watching~ I had a really good time.

Dedene - if you mean laugh until crying... heh heh

Susan - thanks - we were glad to get a couple does for sure...we were worried cuz they were so small but they bounced back. I'm so sorry to hear about losing your kid... that is disheartening.

Kelley - not like you aren't busy earning a doctorate! yeesh! Ann an Meg did so great... PJ was NOT a turd - you know her centerline shennanigans? - she was very good and obedient and we were all really happy! Meg did a great job with Rain... they make a really good pair. She is such a pretty mare.