Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring snow and tracking...

We had another spring storm yesterday - heavy, heavy, wet snow... more sloosh than snow really. I got home and my poor Sera Sue was looking very cold, wet and extremely sorry for herself.

I pulled out her blanket, covered her up and got her some hay to get the heat generatin'. Rosso wasn't looking so sorry - more mischeivious and like he wanted to run around in the muck tormenting his companions. But in a couple hours I know he would be quite sorry so he got the same treatment. Brandon is a tank in his Cushings over growth of hair which makes him look like a yak but since they all got so wet, I threw a blanket on the old man too.

Snow was over this morning with the sun trying to peek through so off came the blankets! I'm sure they will roll and roll and roll in all the mud and slop to look like over grown armadillos in an armor of dried mud.

No riding for awhile. I was supposed to have a Debbie clinic today but the roads were too bad ... we'll try again next week.

The exciting news (everything is relative right?) is that Toe and I entered our first TD tracking test. It's April 11 and there won't be another TD level test until October.

No pressure to pass or anything!

Joelyn will put in only unmarked tracks from here on out so I get used to REALLY trusting my dog's nose and where he is leading me. Just follow the dog, Shanster, follow the dog....


Heather said...

Can you track in the snow?

When we boarded the horse in Oklahoma the barn owner bred and showed bassets. She would tell me that her motto for training was "Praise the dog, slap the handler". Pretty hilarious. She also called her female dogs bitches. Nothing funnier than a mild mannered 50 year old woman saying "I'm so proud of my bitches!"

Shanster said...

Yeah - it's cool cuz I can SEE the footprints and I'm told the scent stays concentrated in the print. Toe goes sniffing from footprint to footprint - and ignores the footprints that aren't "his" trail.

HA! Furry Husband wanted a female dog so he could call her a bitch all the time... our cattle dog mix is "his" dog and female. It really IS funny at dog shows to hear all the bitch speak!