Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cataracts and tracking...

Rosso's cataract is getting worse. There are little tendrils coming off of it and it's getting thicker or more opaque.
I was supposed to take some pix for the eye specialist this morning but Rosso's eye is reflecting everything like a mirror... you can see the sky, us with the camera, the hay shed and not so much the cataract. We'll try again this afternoon when it's not so bright out.
The good news is that he seems very unconcerned about it all and isn't in any pain. He isn't acting more spooky at all and it really doesn't seem to bother him.
The bad news is that the vet feels ultimately his eye will begin to atrophy and eventually he'll lose it.

We are doing all we can with treatment so it's out of my control and I'm hoping for the best. I'm sure his vision is compromised now and I'd really like for him not to lose his eye completely. Keep your fingers crossed~!

I'm playing hooky from work today to take Toe up to Chatfield State Park in Denver for some tracking. Joelynn wants to see if he'll track someone other than her and it's where most of the tracking tests are held so it'd be good to get a feel for the ground cover and brush out there.

Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


Heather said...

I'm sorry about Rosso's eye. If he loses sight will you still be able/want to ride him? OU's polo team had a mare blind in one eye that we could practice on but not compete. Though, she went blind after years of competing and being a 'packer'.

Have fun with Toe!

OH!!! I saw a green subaru with pink stars all over it at the grocery store and thought of you and your crazy car!

DebH said...

ahhh..darn it on the eye ordeal.
At least he is feeling no pain.

Good for you, Hooky is a great idea for a Tuesday, hopefully you'll see the sun!?? Not sure what that is..but I hear it is extrordinary. Have a Fantastic Day!

Cheryl said...

Fingers and toes crossed for Rosso. My old dog, Elmo, had cataracts too, poor little guy. Luckily not until he was pretty old. It's a good thing animals deal so well with this sort of thing.

Have (or hope you had) fun tracking!

Shanster said...

Heather - yeah, it's frustrating to not have answers and nothing seems to stop the progression.

As long as he is comfortable and doesn't seem concerned, we have plans to re-start our training this spring/summer. (I'm back on Rex's radar for him which is great) I'll still work with him and ride him if he loses sight in that eye or it goes completely.

DebH - Yes! That is the really important thing - that he doesn't feel any pain and really seems much less concerned by it than I am!

Cheryl - They seem to deal with it better than us don't they? I DID have a lot of fun playing hooky and tracking yesterday! Thanks!!