Friday, March 19, 2010

Aaaaand we have more snow...

It was 68 and sunny on Wednesday.... today it is 20 with snow, snow and more snow. Although the high winds they predicted haven't hit yet so I'm feelin' purty lucky!

We prepared for the storm last night by bedding down the goatie houses deep with straw, cleaning up all the animal pens so the snow wouldn't cover a layer of poo. Oh, the animals still poo, but clean pens under the snow and new poo make us feel SO much better. Silly hoo-mans.

We blanketed the two thin-skinned red horses this morning. They were wet and shivering. Why oh why don't they stand in their shelters where it's dry? Brandon, our old, old gelding, was rolling his eyes and shaking his head at their youth and stupidity.

Today on my way into work, crawling along in the snow and sloosh... there was this kid.

Shovelling a sidewalk. Shovelling SNOW.

He wore his "pants on the ground" jeans with a tank top.

Bare arms! Tank top!

Pebbly nipples! (ok, ok - I couldn't really see his nipples ... but it was cold enough that they HAD to be hard like little pebbles)

Pants on the ground - shovelling snow!

Now I KNOW I'm old.

Old, old, old - just like Brandon.... I was in my car gaping open mouthed at this kid. I drove away shaking my head when the light turned. Isn't that the true sign of being old? Shaking your head at the goofy things younger people do?


Heather said...

DAMN!!! I have been in denial of the weather forecast. Yesterday was in the upper 60's with sun and NO WIND. I thought "how could it snow tomorrow"? Even this morning, it is beautiful and sunny. Still no wind. It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. I just don't think it will. And now YOU have to go around getting snow first... it just really blows a hole in my plan. If we get snow tonight, I'm blaming you!

Cheryl said...

That general was hilarious! Too bad he didn't come in uniform.

And oh my GOD!!!!!! Here I was expecting some deep and soulful Neil Young tune and he sings Pants On the Ground!! That is so awesome.

And gaping at that kid is not a sign of oldness but just of WTF common sense!

DebH said...

Yuck on the snow alert!! It IS getting old...but...I have a feeling and Yes, its in my knees. That warmer weather is just around the corner. ya know your old ..when your joints give you all the signs of bad weather.
Aching and complaining here in the middle of SD!! But I have my triple layer of clothes..silly young kids...

Shanster said...

Heather did you guys get any snow?

Cheryl - oh good... I don't WANNA get old!

DebH - well it feel sorta more "spring" like than dead o' winter like... so I hope the green grass, sun and no mud is right around the corner!

Heather said...

Yup... We got almost 8 inches... It has nearly all melted by now. I was NOT thrilled to wake up to that on Saturday morning!