Thursday, March 4, 2010

And everything seems right in the world...

I have been in such a winter funk this year. It's been a little scary how down and out I've been. Maybe it's due to the particularly bad weather we've had this winter or the death of my Pa, or my stupid back that keeps going out or other family issues and brain bugs I'm sorting out ... maybe all of the above?

Tuesday night Furry Husband helped prod me into taking a horse up to Rex's barn.

The weather was decent, the wind wasn't howling, the weather was a balmy 30 degrees and the truck and trailer were already hitched up.

I changed clothes and headed out to catch my girl, Sera. She seemed a little relieved to see me with halter in hand as well. We sloshed, slipped and slid through the mud threatening to suck the boots right off my feet in the front pasture and headed for the trailer in the driveway. I loaded her up and off we went...

I was the first to arrive at the barn, Rex wasn't home yet. I could tell because the mob of friendly dogs weren't there to greet me. I unloaded Sera and took her into the barn, turned on the arena lights, the alley lights, listened to the friendly whinnies hoping I'd be wheeling the feed cart through and began to dig in.

Sera had rolled in the mud and was COVERED in a protective, hard armor of dried mud. Oy. The mud flies off, coating your face and hair in a fine dust ... once done it's almost amazing to see there really IS a horse under there!

Rex got home and began tacking up her big Dutch horse, Obari. Rex's mom, Carol, showed up to ride her new Grand Prix horse she's had for about a month. It was really fun to be in the indoor riding my lovely mare, chatting with Rex and Carol - watching their amazing horses. Passage over to my right, flying changes to my left.... Sera's ears were soft and floppy letting me know she was just as happy and relaxed in her work as I was.

It was hard to stop and dismount because I was having such a peaceful, wonderful time. Once I had Sera groomed and ready to load up for home, Karen arrived to work her 4 yr old premium Holsteiner filly for sale. She put her on the lunge line and I stood around talking to her watching the filly go. Nice, nice young mare - such a springy, ground covering, beautiful trot.

Reluctantly I left the barn, the stars were shining and it was getting late. Sera looked at me politely - blink, blink - dinner time Mom? Furry Husband met me in the road at home and helped back the trailer into our driveway in the pitch black... (the hardest, nail biting part of our night!). I left Sera to her dinner in her pen and headed inside, quiet of mind and peaceful of heart.


Heather said...

Yay! You deserve days like that more often! Just wait for spring and summer, riding will be more frequent and things will really pick up!

DebH said...

I need some of those moments..afraid I am at my lowest eb right now and not sure what is doing it. Not finding the right fix either, and I am typically one who can go out and be happy I'm alive to witness it..the moon..the crisp air the quiet of nights. Lately though, I just want to sit down and bawl..sounds awful I know..but its gotta be the lack of sun. Haven't seen it in weeks it seems. I gotta snap out of it!!! Send me the secret potion cuz I need a big fat dose!

Cheryl said...

I feel that off and on too. So I've been practicing a lot of denial therapy lately. When that doesn't work, the community of friends and keeping busy, like what you did, helps so much. We're never alone. And I love that your husband pushed you to go out there and enjoy your evening! What a sweetie!

Shanster said...

Heather - no kidding! Can't wait for things to dry out and the weather to stabilize a bit... tho' March is supposed to be our snowiest month.

DebH - nothing wrong with sitting down and having a good cry - got to get it OUT vs. stirring around in there. I'm thinking of you and sending you all the positive juju I got. BIG hug.

Cheryl - Oh I love denial. But what happens when the denial is lost? That is what I'm struggling with... lived a very happy happy life in FULL ON denial until it smacked me upside the head and knocked me down.

I know - my husband is the absolute BESTEST schweetie pateetie in the world.

olivia said...

Oh wow, that sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about winter funk - hit me hard this year too.