Saturday, January 16, 2010


We have a mystery at Star's Hollow Farm...

Furry Husband asked if I was getting even with him for the egg joke he played on me.

Picture me blinking eyes, slack jaw and blank look .... Wha? nooooo...?

He moved a hay bale and found 10 blue chicken eggs. All in a pile. We have a blue egg layer but we don't let our chickens out of their pen much and when we do, they keep out of the yard because Toe chases them. We haven't had them out enough for that many eggs ... cuz they lay an egg a day roughly when the days are long and not in winter... so ??

I thought maybe some other kind of bird layed them but they look like chicken eggs.

Furry Husband thinks maybe one of the neighbor's chickens came to live in our hay shed only we haven't seen any stray chickens roaming around.

Mrs. Kravitz thinks a weasel has been hoarding them in our hay pile but we are pretty sure weasels don't hoard eggs - they eat them.


DebH said...

Easter Bunny?? geez it sure seems early for him, but I would bet you had a little hen found a private spot and used it daily. Do you have any roosters? You would be such a pushover for the accidental chick. When those girls find a hidey hole and they stick with their broody nature, they will do their job with intent and before you know it....little peepers! I have risked life and limp to save a few of those I come upon outdoors. Too darn Cute! :)

Yousef said...

Well obviously it was the easter bunny. Common now. Where's your head at?

Cheryl said...

Ooo, can't wait to find out the solution to your mystery! Maybe one fo your chickens has taken a fancy to that spot?

Kelley said...

Hummm? Very interesting. Could these be really old eggs?? Maybe before you got Toe your hen started, and couldn't go back because of Toe?? Amazing they could be there very long, if so. I'm with you... I'm pretty sure a weasel or a raccoon would just chow down. Did you leave them there to keep an eye on them and see if you could figure it out?

Shanster said...

DebH - Yes, that is what i think too! Easter Bunny! I don't know, our hens aren't out of their coop/pen enough to have laid that many eggs... but someone sure liked that spot for egg layin! nope - no roosters - just the girls! And i agree - baby fluffy chicks ARE the cutest lil' things!

Yousef - EXACTLY!

Cheryl - i know someone likes that spot!

Kelley - nope - we took 'em inside but they were no good. not rotten but not good either - they'd been frozen and were funny on the inside.