Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter doldrums...

Sorry for not posting... nuthin' much has been going on. Feeding animals, scooping poo from said animals... what goes in must come out.

I'm teachin' the dogs new tricks from my dog trick book and I remember why I don't like training Sammy so much... if he was a human he'd be Sue from SNL. He is SO friggin' excited ALL the time when it's training time.

My back went out again Sunday. WHILE I was riding my mare. That is a first. Geez... am I old or what? It's frustrating and I decided to try going to a personal trainer dude to get exercises for strengthening my lower back and stabilizing my hips. He had me on this inversion machine and kept telling me to "pump my butt - open my butt - make my butt big - like in the movies".

WHAT sort of movie would that be exactly?

After the workout, he did some light massage and acupressure points to release stiff or spasming muscles. Some of these points were on my inner thigh turns out. Like RIGHT IN my inner thigh near my ... my... OH MY!

I snorted and he asked what was the matter. "Um, your hand is in my sweaty crotch!" He said he normally works on "streaky" 300lb plumbers so my sweaty crotch was nuthin'. Yes. Streaky. Glad I'm not in the "streaky" category.

I haven't been man-handled like that since I was in my 20's, pre-marriage...I left the gym wondering, "Did I just cheat on Furry Husband??"

My back didn't hurt anymore but I was crippled for 2 days with screaming muscles from the workout. Today is the first day I can walk without significant pain. Hoo-ray.

Rosso's eye looks like it's getting worse... the cataract looks bigger. The eye specialist said this type of uveitis is easily aggravated so we aren't sure what to do. If the shots meant to decrease the inflammation are going to aggravate the cataract... a lavage sewn into his eyelid will most certainly inflame things... we'll pull blood today to make sure there isn't anything systemic going on.

Heeeyyyyyyy. Wait a cotton pickin' minute.

I had a one-eyed cat for a 18 yrs... and a one eyed bunny for 8 yrs.

Maybe the universe finally noticed all my one-eyed critters died and it's trying to give me another?


Yousef said...

You're destined to have a farm full of cyclopes for animals.

Cheryl said...

Ach! sounds like a lot of annoying, but hilarious, things have been going on this week. Sorry about your back and Rosso's eye. The personal trainer sounds like a really good idea. And I have no idea about these things, so maybe this is a dumb--- suggestion, but would a horse whisperer or a pet psychic be able to help Rosso?

DebH said...

on that gym...ahh..could you post the whereabouts?? I think my lower back is hurting,,yup...pretty bad I better check him out..I mean...ah let him check me out!!
On Rosso,,gosh I hope he responds to some treatment. It sure makes for worries when they have issues.
Good Luck!

Dedene said...

I certainly hope that Rosso doesn't loose his eye!

Sorry you've been in the dumps lately. But I sympathize, so have I.

Good luck getting your energy back. And NO, you didn't cheat on Furry Husband with the chiropractor.

Shanster said...

Yousef - i think so...

Cheryl - Oh, i think there are so many unknowns in this world. i'm not sure I believe in animal communication but I don't disbelieve either! I'm not sure what to think...?

DebH - you are too funny! You c'mon down here to work with John - then we can both be crippled for two days after. Misery loves company! grin.

Dedene - Thanks - same to you! I figured since all my clothes stayed on and Furry Husband knew all about it, I was in the clear!