Thursday, January 7, 2010


I received my dog trick book in the mail last night. I am so geeked! I LOVE dog tricks! Especially in the winter when the humans and dogs are getting cabin fever... super way to whittle away the time on cold and dark winter nights.

All tricks are ranked by degree of difficulty - there are tips about issues you might run into with each trick and how to overcome them. Lot of empasis on keeping things super positive and to have patience. She goes into tricks from basic obedience, agility, tracking, retrieving, jumping... and into the classics like beg, shake, roll over.

I told Furry Husband that before he knows it, I'll have Toe balancing on a ball and rolling around the yard this summer.

How suprised are you that he just rolls his eyes at me over his coffee cup?


Heather said...

awesome! sometimes I try to teach charley a new trick, but it takes him about 100 repetitions to figure out that correlation between the motion and the treat. I usually lose interest before he does! Have fun with Toe!!!

DebH said...

now I have to get one of those books for my Seeester...she is goofy nuts over their labradoodle and has run out of ideas on tricks to teach. So far he rings a bell to go outside and begs, rolls over, sits, lays and does a high five and plays dead when you shoot him with your finger. What else CAN ya teach a dog?? I better go amazon for a bit!!

Shanster said...

Heather - I do too with the more complex things... but there are plenty of easy things to teach that should be fun and fairly quick.

DebH - yes, all those tricks are in there plus a million more... o.k. well 94 more anyway. Your sister will love it! What a thoughtful sister you are!!

Cheryl said...

Good luck and have fun! My sister has been trying to teach her dog, Harry, new tricks, too, without much success, nor much fun either. I'm not sure she's really a dog (or pet) person come to think of it. I'm sure your dog'll give Lassie a run for his (her?) money soon enough.

Shanster said...

Cheryl - I will have fun - thanks! Trick trainin' begins this weekend - wheee!