Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eye trouble...

We woke up today and it was 35... within the hour the temp dropped to 15 with a wind chill of zero, nada, zip. Depends which channel or radio station you listen to.. but I heard a forecast of wind chill -20 and 4-6" of snow. Brrrr!

Rosso has an appointment tomorrow with the Animal Eye Center. He had an ulcer on his eye maybe 2 years ago after a windy day. Something had bounced off his eye and injured it.

I put the eye drops in umpteen times a day along with the ointments and it healed up. You could barely, barely see a tiny pin prick of scar tissue on his eye.

This fall when I had his teeth floated, our vet said, "Hey, I thought his eye healed up better than this..." Sure 'nuff there was a white spot on his eye... hmm? That is weird. He's been acting normal - no squinting, swelling or tears.

The past weekend I went out to skritch the ponies - it was cloudy but not dark and Rosso's pupil was dilated. The white is much bigger! I went out later when it was brighter and when his pupil is constricted, you can't see the white so it's IN his eye, behind the pupil.

And when I go out at night to feed, it's dark... I look for blood and how the horses move and if they eat... I would have noticed tearing or a swollen eye or a squinting eye... but I don't really look IN their eyes when everything seems perfectly normal.

I called the vet. Cataract... but why is it growing? He has an appointment tomorrow night in the dark and -20 weather for an eye exam. I'll take him to our vet (4 doors down) so we can be in her shop, out of the weather and warmer than the out of doors. The opthamologist will meet us there. Besides her shop has a set of stocks and lights to turn on and off for eyeball viewin'.

When I told Mrs. Kravitz? She said I was lucky. She'd like it if her horses went blind because then they'd have to rely on her and wouldn't try to kill her. Isn't she funny?

I won't go that far. Rosso has nice, big, kind eyes and I'd like it if he could see while keeping them both.


DebH said...

gotta love people with that train of thought, Mrs Kravatz. She has a view of the world from a Kooky Standpoint but she sounds genuinely honest in saying it, I am sure. Made me snort! Sure hope your big boy is Ok and good luck tomorrow. The weather here right now is Horrible!!

Shanster said...

DebH - I know! she is a nut but certainly a lovable one. Did you get much more snow or just cold??