Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I think I have my life back....

I'm not working long days plus weekends any more.  It is so wonderful to have my life back! 

And I'm now *gasp* 41 years old.   Yow!  Seems like just yesterday I was 28.  I took my birthday off from work and Furry Husband and I went to The Rio Grande for lunch... they have the best patio in town and we enjoyed liesurely margaritas in the sunshine.  Divine.


I never get carded. 

I think it was all the pimples on my face earned from the long hours indoors under fluorescent lighting in September.   At least those damn things came in handy for something.  Was a really fun birthday treat...

We went to a movie at the dollar theatre (cuz I am a cheap date)... and we had a nice dinner at home with real champagne that Furry's boss gave to me as a birf-day present.   It was truly a lovely day.

I started off the day by getting some horsekeeping done... tooth float for Rosso and hocks done on Sera... the farrier came out the next morning and we are ready to get back to it.... have a clinic with Debbie Riehl-Rodriquez on the 19th.  I'm sure she will be disappointed at how we've let ourselves go this summer.

Life happens... we'll get back to it and work hard to make it up.

Oh - the eating thing.  Trying really not to think of it as a diet but as a lifestyle and definitely NOT focused on the scale.  I want to see how this way of eating affects the way we feel and if it's realistic to everyday life. 

So far, I'm not missing bread or grains.  My energy seems more even keel... I don't have highs or lows - no food coma here!  And even when I eat more than I should, (it happens - I've never gotten the portion control thing down pat) I don't get that omg, I'm going to die or I feel sick or I need to sleep 3 hrs because I ate so much feeling...I'm just much more comfortable even if I over do it occasionally.  Seems my belly stays the same size thru the day vs. getting sort of bloaty and/or poochy by the end of the day.  I don't feel super changed or highly energized but the changes I've noticed are pleasant - consistent feeling.


mugwump said...

you are such a little baby....I loved my 40's.

Fyyahchild said...

I'm on a very low carb, no processed food, whole diet right now. I was also skeptical, but I can't believe how much less bloaty I feel. Its completely changed my waist measurements and digestion too. I'm convinced processed sugary foods are straight from the devil at this point. I can't believe how awful they make me feel when I did go back to eating them for a while. I don't miss them most of the time. Good luck with it!

DebH said...

Happy belated Birthday! Been doing the same with Saturdays taken with Markets and I am looking forward to the end of Oct and the LAST one! I so look forward to the markets by spring but this time of year..or maybe its just my age, I am getting a little tired. Sounds like the grain free caveman diet is working a little magic. I sure agree on the bloated feeling you get when you eat lots of carb/breads & grain. I never stop before my brain registers. And..how I wish I was 40! Good years my dear...good years!