Friday, October 28, 2011

Debbie Clinic

For anyone wondering... I survived my clinic! 

I was quaking in my boots thinking all our worst habits that come out at shows would be in full force... the sucking back, the tenseness, the holding back, the head tick tock, the 4-beaty canter....


Not a ONE of those icky things popped up in the clinic.  Not even toward the end when Sera was tired and pretty much at the end of her reserves... she stayed in a true, forward, 3-beat canter.  She stayed round, over her back, forward, in my hand....she tried hard for me.

Can I say how in love I am with my mare?  I love her, love her, love her!

We are both a bit out of shape but we still have it and we don't suck (well compared to Hubertus Schmidt I'm sure we suck but for who we are and where we are, in Northern Colorado with no goals to show professionally or beyond locally,  we don't suck!  Hooray!).  Debbie said she's NEVER seen Sera look so good.  And Debbie, while very kind, will never, ever, ever pay you a compliment you don't deserve.  You gots to work hard to make her happy.  

I tried shoes on Sera's front... she has never been lame or "off"... she tested fine for the farrier... but she seems just a little ... I don't know... careful... a little flat.... a bit quick....

Debbie said Sera seemed much more "floaty"... "forward".... and get this... she said, "I didn't think this horse had a trot like that IN her!"

So yeah, guess Sera will be in front shoes....seems to make her more comfortable and confident.

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DebH said...

reading your posts this morning and hearing how happy your Sera makes you really puts me in a wonderful mood! Still smiling...