Friday, July 29, 2011

What? there IS no magic pill??

I went to see The Groper today. 

The guy who fixes my back but does muscle pressure holds and manipulations in areas awful close to *ahem* your naughty bits. 

Well no more titilation for me... he's into acupuncture needles now and they frigging HURT! 

I was cussing up a blue streak at him.  Good thing he is young, cocky and everything bounces off him like rubber....

I talked to him about my knee - trying to divert his attention from the needles in my hip, lower back and butt.

Told 'im when I go walking it feels like it over extends sometimes and hurts on the back side of the knee...  he said my quads are needed to hold the knee and they aren't doing their job because they are weak.  He started talking about little old ladies who come to see him saying they worked out hard weeding or carrying their groceries.

Pause.  Heyyyyy.... wait a minute....

"Are you calling me a little old lady?!"

He said I was headed down that path if I didn't start working out again.... I asked him about all the walking I'm doing and he scoffed.  "It's not strength building".

Well crap.  That'll take the wind outta yer sails on a Friday afternoon.  No groping to speak of and being told I'm one step away from being a weak little old lady. 

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