Friday, July 22, 2011

Movie goats?

Mrs. Kravitz e-mailed me saying one of the vets at the Vet Teaching Hospital where she works has a son who needs some goats for a film.

Guess the kid is in a film school in San Francisco... he must be home for the summer and he's making a "short western".   He was desperate to find someone with goats.

Enter me.  

It's all about promote the goat, baby.

I gave him a call and I'm gonna take 2 does up to Pingree Park in the canyon Saturday afternoon.  The kid was telling me that I could stay on set as long as I liked and he'd discussed it with the rest of the "crew" that the goat handler could be there as long as they wanted.   He said it like it was a pretty big privilege.

I didn't say anything but I was thinking more along the lines of - ummmm, how long is this gonna take so I can get home and on with my day?  

How bad can it be? 

I'll take a nice drive up the canyon (wait - 2 goats screaming, peeing and pooping in my car.... maybe not such a nice drive).   I'll bring my little dog, Toe... a book... an iPod. 

Tho a co-worker looked at me and said, "Wait.  You are taking 2 goats up into the mountains to meet a guy you don't know and have never met?"

Hmmmm.   It does sorta have the makings of a hillbilly gathering gone a little  wrong dontcha think?


Cheryl said...

Hahaha! You could stay on set? Maybe you should have demanded a private, air conditioned trailer...

Awesome, though. Your does are going to be movie stars!!!

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Well if you put the goats in the front seat they wont scream near as much!! Make sure they use the bathroom Before you get in the car!!LOL Seriously as soon as you stop get them out they will most likely not pee in your car!..
All I have to say about the going to the mountains to meet a man you hav enever met before is....
If you start hearing Weird Banjo music turn around and drive away carefully not looking around at anyone.. Dont make eye contact and get the heck out of there!Lol!
Have fun!

Melinda said...

Well? How did it go???

DebH said...

Ha! I am just catching up and started with the earliest post...I am on to the next story and anxious to see how it all turns out. I do those sorts of things...and I always shake my head. Leaves a good story though..good for you!