Monday, July 11, 2011

I survived

Yes, I actually survived the three year old's birthday party complete with many little ones so jacked up on sugar there were nuclear meltdowns happening all around me in tiny human form.

Since my niece is the only child in our family she gets a MOUNTAIN and I mean MOUNTAIN of toys.  So many that it's overwhelming to me and I would imagine to a three year old as well. 

Tho' I did see one of her tiny friends go running thru the backyard waving the primitive gourd rattle in one hand while simultaneously blowing the slide whistle and I had to smile.  Little kids LOVE running and LOVE making noise. 

I think my niece and her five or six friends had a good time and were adequately sugared up.  Isn't that what birthdays are all about when you are tiny?

I was pretty glad to come home to the peace and quiet of our little house in Northern CO... I sat in the sky chairs and breathed in the peace.   Ahhhhhh.

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