Thursday, July 7, 2011

The funny pages....

I know it sounds odd - and yet - our subscription to the Denver paper is mostly because of the comics. 

Who wants to read about murders, domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse, who is taking what drugs and shooting people or crashing cars or causing fatal accidents on highways or in bars.   Which actor is sleeping with which politician or vice versa.  Which politicians are making shady deals or sending pictures of the bulge in their underwear to underage girls....

It's depressing.

Then you move to the comics pages and there are (or were) FOUR whole pages devoted to making you smile.  Clever artwork, puns, humor, characters and the comic artists come up with something new every single day.  Amazing when you really think about it. 

Furry Husband and I ease into each morning sitting at the kitchen table with mugs of steaming hot coffee - mine doctored up with plenty o' fresh goat milk from the girls - and we read the funny pages together.

Then one day, The Rocky Mountain News closed shop and merged with The Denver Post.  For a couple of months I was in heaven because they kept ALL the comics... from both papers! 

They cut a bunch of comics after taking a poll ... I protested in writing and with a call to the comics editor when they took some of the comics I enjoyed.  Nothing changed, the comics I missed weren't brought back....I figured compromises had to be made.

They recently cut another bunch of comics.  No warning.  No reason given.


We didn't renew our subscription and let them know it was due to the further comic page cuts.  I wrote to the comics editor again and I don't have much hope they'll bring anything back. 

I don't want the paper for all the violent news... we have local news channels and news radio. 

I subscribed online to DailyINK for some of our favorite comics like Bizzaro and Rhymes with Orange.  The rest are found at GoComics.  Really not the same tho'.   Our giant black cat Mojo can't dive under the paper to play.... the easy morning rustle of newspaper pages.... the smell of newspaper and ink....

Give me back my funny pages!

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Dedene said...

I don't keep up on comics at all. But I enjoy them when they come by spontaneously.
I had a look at Bizarro and Rhymes with Orange. They're both very funny.
I was surprised how many comics still exist after 200+ years of publication.