Monday, March 14, 2011

Next up - Bristol, NH

Sunday, after the wedding, we took a subway to the Boston bus station and bought bus tix on the Concord Coach to Tilton Junction, NH to see a college buddy of mine.

We had some time to kill before the bus left so we went to a diner near the station.

Dirty, greasy diner.

It was wonderful!

The one waiter guy there was a big, beefy fella with a dead pan face. He sized us up and walked over, "I'd like to take your order before I head over there to talk to Britney Spears and her friends" nodding toward a table of 6 twenty-somethings...

I had the banana french toast, Furry Husband had eggs and potatoes. With each person's order the big, beefy fella placed the plate down and said, "boom."

Once full, we loaded up on the bus and rode 2 hrs to Tilton where my wonderful friend C picked us up.

We had a great time catching up - she was coming down with a nasty sinus infection but she stayed strong to show us around the area. Of course there was about 4 feet of snow on the ground and it rained the entire time so I never thought to take pix. We were mostly in the car doing our sight seeing...

Furry Husband got to meet C's husband and their little ones... 2 and 4... could they BE any cuter? And so well behaved? I don't think so... but dang... those little munchkins tired us OUT!I don't know how C does it!

Furry Husband got a sweatshirt and I got some fabulous old-timey broaches from a fabulous little thrift store. You can't find those sort of broaches out here - if they are here, they are usually old Avon pins from the 80's...

I picked one up for the Mom-in-Law... heck, maybe she'll recognize it from an Avon catalog back in her day. Ya never know.

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