Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The mare and Toe's foot

I looked at that mare this weekend. . She does have a nice mind, great conformation, went off sound at all three gaits. She's a Dutch/TB cross, a little smaller - 15.2 or 3. . I was looking into a 30 day trial on her and everything began to get too weird. I looked at insurance per the owner and she didn't like anything the insurance companies came up with. She wanted me to "get after them" to get a higher payout should something happen. It made me uncomfortable and I was afraid to have the mare in my possession because IF something should happen, I think there was a good chance the owner would come after me even with insurance in place. . There were a couple of other red flags to me. . Any time the mare didn't want to do something, she would plant herself and the owner would chase her backwards. Pretty much if the mare didn't want to do something, she would plant herself and then go flying backward. I didn't like that tactic. Not that I'm the end all, be all, knowledgeable horse person. I personally didn't like that the horse had learned that behavior and it was reinforced any time she was in contact with her human who had owned her from birth to her present day age of 8 yrs old. . The mare didn't like dogs either... which is fine. Only while tied to our trailer she was rapid fire kicking at the dogs in Rex's yard. I didn't like that she was pretty handy with her back feet. . Those two red flags and an owner that seemed a little desperate for money? No thanks. . Besides. Through the course of all this, I kept thinking to myself, "Why aren't you happy with what you have?" . I felt a little sick to my stomach thinking about bringing a new horse home, figuring out where to put them all (we've had 4 before but it was difficult come feeding time), how would everyone get along, would someone get injured with younger horse shenanigans and all the other financial/emotional obligations that go hand in hand with horse ownership. . I love my red-headed mare, I'm having loads of fun with her, I'm learning tons, she is certainly capable of the work I'm asking her. I'll still look for a better matched home for Rosso and in the meantime, everything can stay status quo. . I'm actually very, very happy and feel pretty relieved with that decision. Hmmmm. Could this be the beginning of responsible, adult, decisions? Geez - I sure hope not! grin. . . Oh! And what happened to Toe's foot? I have no idea other than after cleaning horse pens, he came around the corner with one hind leg hitched up, 3 legged lame. I took him inside and examined his foot. He cut the 2nd toe in on his left back foot from the bottom of the toe pad up along the toe to the webbing. YEEEOWCH Toe! What'd you do buddy? . I cleaned it up with betadine scrub, put some antibiotic ointment on it, bandaged it and called the vet. She came out and put a staple in it.... she said it was clean and should heal quickly. The staple comes out in 10 days and we go to a dog show in 12 days. Cutting things close ya think? He's running around sound on 4 legs as of this morning so I think things are gonna be A-OK. ......


DebH said...

definitely go with your gut feeling on the horse! Your totally right on desperate for money idea. I have run into a few interesting people and trust first then find out later!!
But...BOY OH BOY...do I have a horse I will Give you!! Yessirree!!
She is gorgeous and she is 3 and she just hops once...or twice when you saddle her up...but such a fine horse! Ha! I know right?
and sure hope Toes toe is better soon..those pad injuries are a bugger!

Shanster said...

Thanks DebH - I sure appreciate you and your comments! Of course you would know - and Toe is runnin' sound with a bandage on, 60% sound without a bandage inside so he's healing fast. Thanks again!