Monday, March 21, 2011

Mrs. Kravitz post

I found a new recipe in Cooking Light I wanted to try - fish with matchstick veggies in a parchment paper pouch - cooks each serving up perfectly in it's own little packet....supposedly.

I bought all the ingredients at the store and got home only to find we were out of parchment paper... d'oh!

Hmmm. Who of our neighbors would have parchment paper?? I called one and they weren't home... called another and they were out of parchment paper too.... sigh. Would Mrs. Kravitz have any? Doubtful I think... but worth a call. She didn't answer the phone. They NEVER answer the phone because don't have caller ID and don't know who is calling. Which could be solved by picking up the phone and answering it ... but they don't know who it is so they don't answer... circular logic.

I left a message asking if they had any parchment paper.

She called right back.

"What do you need parchment paper for? Are you re-writing the constitution?"

"Nooooooo? - I want to use it for baking... I was making dinner with fish in a parchment paper pouch."

"Oh. Well, I have some parchment paper but it has writing on it... it's from like the 1800's and has writing all over it. It's from some captain of a ship and has writing and I bought it at an you want to use that?"


"No - that's o.k. - I don't want to ruin your documents, I'll get some at the store but thanks for calling me back!"

I ended up using tin foil.

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Kelley said...

hee!hee!hee! Of course ..... : )