Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Groper...

I haven't talked about him in a while...

He is the little brother (by 10 yrs) of Patty who is my age and rides over at Rex's. He is truly amazing with his comprehension of human anatomy, motion, musculature etc. and works as a physical trainer but also as a physical therapist. He's given clinics at Rex's with all of us on horseback and his insight is really very amazing into correcting posture and using your body effectively while riding and he is not at all a horse person.

I worked with him for a short time for exercises to strengthen my back and then because I have the attention span of a tiny bird...

Oh! Look! Tinfoil!

I hadn't been to see him - even when my back went out so terribly a while ago. He fell off my radar for some reason.

I had a light bulb moment and saw him just before our East Coast vacation to have him work on my back so I could enjoy my vacay in hopes my back would stay strong. I went to see him today for general maintenance and to see how things were holding up in my lower back area.

I call him The Groper, and he knows I do, because while he is absolutely professional and knows his stuff inside and out... well... the first time I went to see him it was a bit of a shocker. He touches you in places where muscles connect to activate or loosen said muscles... so think groin... seat bones... inner thigh... ticklish areas.

I exclaimed surprise the first time but knew he was o.k. because to me he is still "Patty's little brother"... he told me he touches 300lb male construction workers in the same exact way. He has to touch in order to fix what's wrong.

And let me tell you - I am sold. I walked out of there feeling 100% and like a big dummy for letting him fall off my radar.

Of course, I always tell Furry Husband when I'm going to see The Groper so I can keep a clear conscious. It's not often I'm touched like that by anyone other than Furry! grin.



DebH said...

read your post
called my chiropractor
made my appointment (he is just across the street)
and now feel 80% better!! Need a few more deep neck massages...but
I always forget to have my muscles worked on until its too late. I am going to have a weekly visit for a while. My headache I have been nursing disappeared and my neck stopped seizing up everytime I twist my head. I too forget to take care of ME!! But I sure could enjoy a little groping myself...Ok...for medicinal purposes that is!!

WeldrBrat said...

My gut is killin' me! I could go in so many directions with my cartoon imagination! But I won't. I'll just keep it at "Geeeeeee! " LOL

mugwump said...

Have to be honest..being a repressed Catholic School girl, the Groper would freak me out. PT gives me nightmares.
At the same time I'm envious of the idea of being limber and relaxed.

Shanster said...

DebH - good for you taking care of yourself! We could all use a little groping! grin.

Weldrbrat - and you'd prolly be right with your mental images! *snort*

mugs - I'm a Catholic school girl myself... maybe that's why I like it? wait. did I just say that outloud?