Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Is everyone ready for a feast?

I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday... centered around good food, good friends, good wine... warmth and fabulous cooking smells coming from the kitchen.... mmmmm.

I save recipies that strike my fancy, keep them in a binder with sheet protectors and this time of year I look through them to decide what new dishes to try.

I'm trying all sorts of new things this year.... a new apple sage stuffing recipie from Good Housekeeping, parmesean thyme roll recipie from Cooking Light, roasted artichokes and fingerling potatoes along with balsalmic roasted pearl onions from Martha Stewart's Food, chocolate cream pie recipie from a co-worker with amazing kitchen dexterity and caramel croissant pudding from Food & Wine magazine....

AND both Furry Husband and I have been watching a lot of Food Network. I think we are ready to raise the bar this year.


Need a new keyboard.

Drooled and slobbered all over this one.


What are you guys having for Thanksgiving dinner this year?


Heather said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite too! No pressure, no gifting, just good food! Plus, it does just happen to be the best traditional holiday food out there! And makes the best leftovers!
I'm doing a brined, roasted turkey, Pioneer womans mashed potatoes, pan gravy, box stuffing (I have never made the real thing), green bean casserole, honey glazed carrots, cranberry relish, and rolls.
We are inviting over my pregnant neighbor, her husband, and her parents who are here from china and don't speak english. It will be their first thanksgiving ever!

Shanster said...

OH yum, yum and YUM. Did you see the Throwdown with Ree and Bobby Flay? So much fun... Oh, that is going to be fabulous to have your neighbor's over and her parents. I love being hospitable to different cultures... so interesting and wonderful! Have fun! Hope you post pix and stories!!! And now I need ANOTHER keyboard cuz I drooled looking at your menu....


The IT guys are gonna hate me today.

DebH said...

first time in 35 yrs and I am NOT hosting Thanksgiving (for the entire family reunion that is)!! The Original Family has booked reservations at the Ramkota and they put on an enourmous spread!! So I get to eat out on Thanksgiving!!!!
but I will not be without Thanksgiving though at my house...gotta have leftovers..and it will be on Friday and of course Turkey/dressing with all the fixings...but this year I am making some individual little pies in little dishes for my children..kinda excited about that one. I am doing the traditional cheesy green beans/with fried onions bake, mashed potatoes/gravy and sweet potatoe bake and then of course homemade cheddar biscuits and cinnamin sugar pumpkin muffins and slowcooked Baked Beans. Ahh...what have I forgot?? Cranberries...somehow with cream cheese layer...thats it...maybe a pretzel crust!??

Shanster said...

DebH - for not hosting Thanksgiving you are puttin' on one helluva spread! Wow! K - more drool all down my chin, the front of my shirt and yet another keyboard ruined.

We went to a hotel once for a holiday meal - I never saw so much incredible food in one place! Enjoy your dinner with the whole fam!

~Tonia said...

I love watching cooking shows we just have create on PBS. I am cooking the Brined and roasted Turkey. Did it last year and it was Fantastic! I also bake it breast side down and then flip it halfway through.
Of course Mashed taters(I cheat and use instant!I absolutely HATE to peel potaotes)
I have to make 2 kinds of dressing One with oysters and one without!Lol Cranberries I also made them homemade last year and oh yum!!Repeating that for sure.
Sweet potato casserole,Green beans with a little bacon, Corn, Greens,Homemade rolls, Chocolate cherry cake, Lazy peach pie,Pumpkin roll and bread, Zucchini cake, pumpkin pie, and I am sure I am forgetting something... As you can see our priorities lay with the desserts!LOl I started cooking today.. Just some of the desserts that can be refrig and cornbread for the dressing..
Thanksgiving is my Favorite!!

Shanster said...

Tonia - we are brining our bird this year too and we do 'im upsidedown too then flip 'im for color! Such a moist bird! Love it! Sounds like a FABULOUS meal with your family! Can't wait til tomorrow when I can get started with my cooking and baking for the things that can be made ahead of time too.... wish I brought a change of clothes with me today for all the drool....