Saturday, November 20, 2010

Must. Love. Darkness.

Oy. I'm struggling with the short days and the dark when I get up and the dark when I get home. It's not doing much for my riding motivation.... I'm trying to convince myself to love the darkness. What other choice do I have?

I also know it's winter cuz Furry Husband turned up the thermostats. We have electric baseboard heat and he turns up the dial in each room.

Then we do this funny little dance all winter long. (you'd think we were Sandhill Cranes doing a bizzare mating ritual or something...)

He pulls this solid wooden bench in the kitchen far from the wall thinking it will burst into flame because a baseboard heater is behind it. I move the bench back to what I think is a resonable distance. He pulls it out. I move it in.

Allllll winter long.

I also prefer our bedroom to stay a bit on the chill side. Nuthin' like snuggling under the covers and being warm when it's chilly. Furry likes the bedroom on the toasty side. Again, we sneak around and I turn it down then he turns it up... I turn it down... he turns it up.... over and over it goes.

It remains a peaceful if not rediculous battle of the wills so far.... just another sign. I know without a doubt - winter is here.


DebH said...

I hear you! Although I too like it pretty chilly downstairs where my bedroom is..say around 65. I turn on the electric blanket to get it warmed up before I crawl into bed..always turning it off though after I crawl in! That way I have it all warmed up and my hot "50'S flashes can keep me warm throughout the night. I have been fumbling around each night trying to race the fading light to get things done and have decided its best to just go in later in the morning to work and stay through lunch. I haven't gotten any remarks either the Boss is afraid to say something....or I might have a little respect that allows me a little sway! More likely he's afraid of me. He's known me for 22 yrs....poor soul!!

~Tonia said...

Ahh the dance of the Heating Thermostat! Lol!! We have wood heat so in the living room its a 110* barely able to keep the house plants alive unless they are cactus.. Bedrooms are right above Frostbite! Thats how we like it! Thankfully we both do!
Our thing is we have electric back up which is nice if we have to be gone longer than 5-6 hours BUT he always insist on trying it to "circulate" the heat in from the living room to the rest of the house.. We figured out it doesnt work but he still has to try it!lol
This year he flipped it on and told him Turn it off you are running up the Elec.Bill and thats it.. He laughed and flipped it off...
We are getting a Infared heater for the upstairs though as its hard to heat and they are suppose to be the safest portable heaters guaranteed to not run up your electric bill... SO we will see!
I am with you on the dark.. I really dislike it alot! We cant wait for the Shortest day to get over because after that its all uphill with a little more light each day!

Heather said...

I had a college roommate who I used to do the thermostat dance with... drove me nuts! Luckily John and I both like it cold- our house stays at 68 year round!

Dedene said...

How cute. I can just imagine you two sneaking about the heaters.
On a less cute side, the winter dark is daunting and depressing. Hope you'll figure out how to go horse riding at night.