Monday, November 1, 2010

Bequia's DNA results

Ta - da!

Bequia is 37-74% Dachshund!

The rest of her breed profile includes 10-19% of the following:
Collie, Greyhound, Scottish Terrier

And to round out the group, she is less than 10% Border Collie.

Furry was like - this is bullsh*%^.... he doesn't believe it.

DNA is weird - could show up infinite ways and like the NPR articles, there could be some random breeds tossed in there. But it gets us in the ball park of things to see in our beloved "widdle dawg" (said in a thick NJ accent). Yeah, I talk to her in a NJ accent and ask her where she parked the car, if she has a quarter and if she wants to join me for some coffee talk....

I can see the Collie...mebbe a smooth merle coat? and of course Border Collie.... the terrier and the dachshund are sort of out there....but she is pretty deep chested with a small waist and hips... so who knows? Could that be Greyhound?

Odd that Dachshund turned out to be the BIGGEST indicator. ?? Now we are calling her our "little dachsund" or our doxie mix. grin. Anyway - good, clean, scientific fun....

Next up we'll do Sammy.... pix of him tomorrow.....


Heather said...


After watching an episode of south park where Al Gore makes a documentary about an elusive creature that is half man, half bear, half pig- we realized that Charley is, in fact... a Manbearpig!

It is so fitting for him, he thinks he is people, snorts like a pig, and has a cute little bear tail and likes to snuggle into blanket caves!

Sometimes you just never can know what you will end up with!

DebH said...

OK...thats just funny!! No way does she look Dachshund...but maybe I need more photos. Pretty hard to believe though..I think I am a little bit skeptical, but sure is fun to see what they come up with!

~Tonia said...

You just never know how the mix of DNA is going to come out do you??lol

Shanster said...

Heather - awww - Charley is WAY cuter than the SouthPark creature!

DebH - yes, it was a good science experiment!

Tonia - Nope - grin