Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sammy's DNA

Sammy - Bequia - Toe Sammy to the left - Bequia (the Dachshund - snort) to the right... baby goaties far right
Sammy knows how to smile on command ... such nice pearly whites Sam-in-ator....

O.k. - FINALLY - I get around to Sammy and the results of his DNA cheek swab experiment.
If you missed the post before - I gave Furry Husband a gift of BioPet Canine DNA kits for our anniversary and his birthday. Thought it'd be a fun science experiment. You can read about Bequia's test and results here and here.
We've always thought of Sammy as a Border Collie/Lab mix. He's a large dog - 70-75lbs. He is pretty high energy, sort of a nervous dog, quick to try and please you - but overly quick. When doing tricks before you can tell him which trick you want, he falls to the floor and rolls over trying to guess what you want to please you ... loves people... can be aggressive to dogs he doesn't know.
He is super protective - he protects the cats, the goats, the other dogs if we should have a visiting dog. We always call him our "protector dog" and feel really safe with him around patrolling our property.
He likes to run the fence line with the horses, barking and snapping at the horses, trying to help Bequia herd them.
What do you suppose his DNA results were?


Heather said...

Overly Quick to please... Protector.... Hmmm... Boxer? haha! But he looks a bit like a Bernese Mountain Dog in the top picture...

DebH said...

Border Collie/Labrador and Blue Heeler for my practical guess.

Now the impractical..I will say...poodle/rat terrier and Great Pyrenees...(why he has so much in the protection instinct)..wait..maybe a touch of Anatolian! ;)

~Tonia said...

He kind of looks like a Labin his build and face despite the color. Our Male Labs always grinned like that!
Cant wait to see the results!

Kelley said...

I still bet lab... but I like the great pyrenees/anatolian guess as well.....