Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm still here!

Part of the reason I really, really, really, really did'na wanna go to TX was because Furry and I had this trip to the Midwest planned to visit his Ma and it was right on the heels of the TX trip. We bought cheap-o plane tix - $180 round trip - back in June.

I don't mind leaving home now and again... and I was looking forward to seeing Betty and then this TX trip cropped up inbetwixt me being gone for a horseshow and then away for another week visiting my Mom-in-Law.


I don't travel that much and I missed our home and our ani-mules terribly. But I'm HOME, HOME, HOME! There are angels singing on high and there is rainbow bliss and glitter encompasing our house with little butterflies glimmering all about because we are both so happy to be HOOOOOME!

We were in Rock Island, IL - part of the Quad Cities... 2 cities in IL and then just a hop, skip and jump over the Muddy Mississip are 2 other cities in IA.

My sense of direction is pretty non-existant and I never really knew which state or which city I was in at any given time as we drove willy nilly to and fro visiting Furry's friends, parents of friends and other relatives. We had a perfectly lovely time visiting... the weather was good... and we are glad to be HOME.


Did I mention how happy we are to be HOME?

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