Friday, September 17, 2010

Back in the harness again....

I put Toe in his tracking harness and met up with J last night. She put in a track for us, we chatted while it aged for 40 minutes and off we went!

I think J is Toe's third favorite person in the world - she is THE SCENT LAYER! He gets so excited to see her and knows he'll be tracking her footsteps.

We worked on VST (variable surface tracking) since we aren't entirely sure the rattlesnakes have gone into hibernation in the tall grass fields used for regular TD (tracking dog) tracks.

He did pretty well... I had to help him out a few times. It's been too hot this summer for tracking on black top/concrete (required for VST tracking work) and too rattlesnake-y for any TD work. He hasn't tracked in a while and he is new to VST work with blacktop, curbs, buildings and other weird scent obstacles. He did great all things considering.

Tracking tests to earn his TD (tracking dog) title are October 16 at the Corgi Specialty - they are nice enough to allow other breeds if it doesn't fill with Corgis and October 30 for the Foothills Tracking Club... keep your fingers crossed!

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