Tuesday, September 14, 2010

French Market...

goat milk lotion
quench your thirsty skin
Come meet Shannon & Dave
and goats (for real!)
from Star's Hollow Farm.

Au marché!
Come see us this Saturday the 18th of September
under the tree as usual
French Nest Open-Air Market
located at
Civic Center Park
9am - 3pm

Oooo la la!

Our chevre petites are going to an open air French market this Saturday. The one retailer selling our goat milk lotion in town, Esscentuals, has space and wants to "promote the goat" as it were.

We'll bring Speck our young milker because she is more agile ( she can and will jump into the back of the station wagon vs. having to heave, ho, hoist old lady Spot at 180 lbs fightin' weight into the back of the car ), and she is friendly... not that Spot isn't friendly but c'mon.

Once you reach a certain age, aren't you pretty much over having new and stressful situations out of your control thrown at you? Spot is an old goat... no stressful French Market for her. And we'll take our little doe kid Daisy Dollop along as well... she is young, interested, cute, friendly and pliable.

I'm nervous as we'll be THERE with OUR product in front of the public eye!

The goaties will charm everyone. They always do.... wish us luck!


~Tonia said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck. I'm sure your products and your goat will be big hits.
Take lots of pictures!!

DebH said...

you'll have a ball...I have been wanting to take some baby goats myself..but the ones I would take are fainters and one in particular faints at his own shadow! I would be explaining it every time I turned around..THEN wouldn't you know it someone would report me for abuse or something! ;)
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