Wednesday, September 29, 2010



That show was amazing! The performers move in ways you wouldn't think a human body could move. A guy at one point stood there while one person climbed him to stand on his head. Standing. On. The. Guy's. Head. Two more came out to climb the guy and stand on each shoulder and two more hung horizontally from the ground off each hip. Seriously. What in the....? How is that physically possible?

There were people flying all over the stage - bouncing - jumping - leaping - coming down from the ceiling... and the horses stood there. Hind leg cocked. Ears out to the side. Oh... the hairless monkeys are flying all around the stage again? Ho hum. Borrrrrr-ing.

There was roman riding, roman riding while driving 4 in hand. Vaulting with a person on a horse cantering in a circle while the person jumps, does triple flips or some such thing in the air always landing back on the horse....

There were trick riders.... oh those trick riders! The horses would fly across the stage at a full gallop. The rider would be sitting backwards and flip themselves forwards... or hanging off the side of the horse or running alongside, jumping up and over to run on the other side... one rider came out behind the saddle, laying over the horse's haunches with her head dangling 3 millimeters from the horse's galloping hind hooves.


It was jaw dropping and stunning.

Afterward, we went into the stall area. There was this immense, beef-cake of a horse. Not tall - maybe 15hh - stout. Oh man, was that monster STOUT. Tree trunks for legs. Not sure I've seen a leg that big.... Comtois was the breed... colored like a Belgian. He was my favorite of the show. He was a vaulting horse... round and round he cantered... the flying hairless monkeys were nothing to him. La, la, la.

Cool, cool show, horses and performers.

And very, very, very, very, very (there may not be enough very's...) wonderful Furry Husband!


Heather said...

Lucky, lucky lady! Sounds amazing!

DebH said...

I would so love to see a performance and my daughter would be equally thrilled..I think your husband is definitely a keeper!!
sorry I haven't gotten to check in lately...but scarey thing is...I had about a gazzillion emails to go through being around internet for a while really is quite a withdrawal!!

shadowlake said...

Your husband rocks!

I looked up Comtois and the only listing I saw was wiki, which I read. Apparently, Comtois are still used for logging but are also bred for the French horse meat industry. GAG.

Shanster said...

Heather - I am lucky!

DebH - I've missed you!

shadowlake - Hi! Yeah - I saw that too when I looked them up and went "ugh" myself...