Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain, rain go away...

We've been getting lots o' rain lately. I heard on the radio that Denver is running out of places to store water... pretty amazing since our state is usually drought ridden.

When Furry Husband and I went on our honeymoon, we travelled on a Windjammer cruise to some small islands in the Caribbean. It rained one day and one of the island natives said with a smile, (say this in your best island accent now) "Any-ting from above is blessing!"

I try to remember that but when it begins to interfere with riding and seeing the sun... well... I begin to get a bit grumbly. The little boreal chorus frog living in our pond was the only happy critter at our place, singing his little green amphibian heart out in the rain. Kermit woulda been proud... tho' it was no Rainbow Connection and I don't think our frog has learned the banjo yet.

The goats and horses stayed under cover doing their best to keep out of the mud, looking gloomy, disgusted and bored.

Sunday I had to cancel my normal 10:00am lesson because we had a lake forming in the front pasture and that happens to be where we park our horse trailer. The clay soil becomes so sticky slippery and there was no way I'd be getting it out to head up the road for a ride.

We saw sun yesterday for the first time since Friday. Oh, it's nice. Amazing how I instantly feel better with some vitamin D and blue sky ... bye-bye doom and gloom!

We got the trailer out of the pasture last night, (next big rain, we are parking that sucker in the driveway where we can get it out ) loaded Rosso and headed off to Rex's barn.

I tacked him up, lunged him and got on. He was sore in front from the wet... it softens his feet and makes them a bit ouchy. He is sound at walk and a short ride would be good for both of us.

We stayed at a walk... leg yield, small circles, serpentines, lots of changes of direction, spiral in and out on a circle... he was very agreeable and offered a trot. I kept him walking. After about 15 min. we stopped and hung out... I jumped down and gave him lots of praise.

See? We'll get past our brain bugs yet....


Cheryl said...

Ugh, too much rain is a bummer. I'm glad you got some sun and a good ride in! Watch out brain bugs!!!

Shanster said...

I wish I could hire an exterminator for all my brain bugs! grin. I think I have an infestation....