Friday, June 4, 2010

Not much to work with...

J's mare had a colt Wednesday morning. I called her because we were supposed to go tracking but my Mom was coming up so I had to move our tracking appointment.

J told me her mare, "Critter", had a little bay colt that morning and if we wanted to stop by with the whole fam damily we'd be welcome.

Furry Husband and I asked Mom and Step-dad if they wanted to go see a 12 hr old foal after dinner... but it was too late for them. They wanted to get back to Denver so we said our good-byes and began cleaning up. We were doing dishes and Furry Husband said wistfully, "I would have kinda liked to see a 12 hr old baby...."

Always game for baby horse viewing, I told him, "Let's go!" I drove fast since it was 8:30 at night and daylight was fading fast. We arrived in time to see the little dude before the sun set.

There is NOTHING cuter than a foal. Baby goats got nuthin' on a baby horse. How do those long, long stilt legs fit all up in the mare?

We admired the little guy. Furry Husband was able to meet Harley the pig and give him a friendly pat or two.

J and I talked about going out Saturday morning for another trail ride... Furry Husband asked J if she was going to make me brave.

She was squatted on her haunches, scratchin' the colt's nose and she didn't turn to look at him: "Well, Furry.... she doesn't give me much to work with...."

Funny, funny people.... hey, I'm goin' ain't I?!

Maybe this time I'll remember a camera so it's fully documented. Colorado Chicken on a trail ride.... come to think of it, on the last trail ride I think we saw some sasquatch footprints...

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Cheryl said...

Yeah, now I really wonder what the little guy looked like. Must have been adorable!