Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2010 Gordon Setter National Show

One of the Gordon Setters today... her owner told me that this dog understands there are two types of people in the world. 1. Her friends. 2. The friends she hasn't met yet.

That actually describes a Gordon Setter to a T to me.

My buddy H needed volunteers to help steward at the Gordon Setter Nationals hosted by the Colorado High Plains Club this week. I took today off from work to help out.
I had a Gordon Setter, Booker, who died last summer, I know a few of the Gordon Setter people, and, well, I just couldn't let my bud H or the big ol' black and tans down.

Uh. No. This is not a Gordon Setter.

This is a 9 week old whippet puppy who is owned by H's lil' sis. She kept trying to untie my shoes.

Please ignore my hair. It was humid today - there is no point in straightening it on hoo-mid days. You shoulda seen it when I lived in NE. Horrifying.

Had to get a pix of the whippet bitch with Toe. Yes, you can say bitch in the dog show world and it's "proper" terminology. Isn't that FUN?

Furry Husband sorta likes whippets cuz he's a frisbee guy. Ashley Whippet is legendary and I had to rub it in that I got to meet a cute, tiny, 9 week old, whippet puppy who pounced, and frolicked and cavorted...

I helped the Rally Obedience ring today ... I ran the stopwatch... helped check people in...helped to post scores...took leashes... handed back leashes...

Gordon's are funny to watch. Most people think they are stupid. They are VERY goofy. I wouldn't say they are dumb... but they really are NOT cut out to be obedience dogs.


No they are not generally good at that sort of thing. So they can sort of look a bit... slow...

Booker was the number one Novice Obedience dog back in ... oh... I don't remember. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. He was published in the Front and Finish obedience magazine. I still have it, so I have written proof it DID happen.

They are big, lovable, goofy dogs. I think people who own them have a good sense of humor. They are not necessarily obedient tho they will love you with their whole heart and they will make you laugh every day in spite of yourself or their behavior.

Someone told me the Disney character Goofy was based on a Gordon Setter. I have no idea if this is true or not. I absolutely believe it tho.

You watch a Border Collie ace an obedience test with a blind fold on and one paw tied behind it's back. You are impressed with their smarts and speed. You want to watch a Gordon in an obedience test? Be sure to bring popcorn so you can kick back and enjoy the entertainment.

Oh - don't get me wrong. There are really nice working Gordon Setters, I've seen them and they are beautiful, beautiful, happy dogs.
Well, they are beautiful, beautiful happy dogs anyway.
It just seems that most hear the command sit and it takes 5 minutes for the meaning to actually reach their big black and tan behinds... you can almost hear the wheels grinding as they process it.

They need a "reason" to do most anything. They don't just DO anything you ask them. It has to make sense to them but that doesn't mean they are stupid. They are simply wired for different things.... coursing a field and finding birds... not for the close working relationship required in an obedience dog.

An example:
I wanted to take the dogs to the lake one hot summer day. I asked our two border collie dogs to get in the car... my car's windows had been rolled up... it was like an OVEN in my car.
Dangerous heat.
They obediently hopped in like the good, smart border collies they are.... I told Booker to get in... he stuck his head in the car as he was preparing to jump in, felt the oven heat and was like "NO way am I risking my life to get in that OVEN! Lady, you are quite mistaken if you think I'm getting in there...."

He had a leash on and I forced him in. He had fun at the lake with Sammy and Bequia...

I always thought that really showed his independent nature... and his smarts.
Dogs overheat in cars... dogs die in hot cars... you hear about it on the news, you read about it in the papers.... Booker was smart not wanting to get in the hot car!

This is what used to happen when I tried to practice yoga at home... Booker to one side...
cats everywhere else...

He was mostly our 80lb lap dog. He loved being near us and ON us any chance he got. He was the sweetest boy and we both loved him so. He never knew a day without love and he loved everyone right back.
I had a good time watching the black and tans today. We are glad Booker was in our lives and at the same time, I'm glad we now have Little Toe. Toe helped to heal my heart when we lost our big, beautiful boy, Booker.
Toe isn't Booker, but Toe is Toe. Another perfectly unique personality brimming with love to give. A new, beautiful relationship has developed between him and us.
I read somewhere once that dogs don't live as long as we do because they are SO full of unconditional love. It's as if they realize other dogs need to come into our lives to love and be loved. They leave us out of ... and because of... love.
Isn't that a lovely idea?


Cheryl said...

Yeah, I still get that way when I see super fat, orange cats. I made the mistake once of leaving my beloved pet, Jeffie, in my father's care one summer while visiting my sister...

Gordon Setters sound really lovable. Though Border Collies sound cool. Could train one to carry my backpack for me...

Kelley said...

Booker was a good dog.... and I enjoyed this post a lot!!!! Made me laugh. : )