Monday, June 21, 2010

General update at Star's Hollow Farm...

Mondays are HARD. Hard to come back to cubicle land after two days of freedom.

Saturday we had Goat Fest at Wilburs Liquor Store in town. We take our kids to meet people and spread the goatie love. There are many misconceptions about goats. I have pictures and a post to write up for you!

After Goat Fest, we rushed home, I changed and headed to a lesson with Rosso. He was a very good boy. Every time I ride and have a good experience, I feel my confidence strengthen. So here's to more and more good rides!

Did I tell you I taught him to give me a hug? I stand at his shoulder on the off side and say "hug"... he wraps his big ol head around me. I give him a cookie. He does it without the cookie tho he always looks a little surprised there wasn't one. It was another thing that helped me work with him to get over my fear issues. Next is to teach him "smile" by lifting up his lip. He has missing front teeth from a starting gate accident and looks very goober-like... it will be an amusing trick. My white trash, overly sensitive, race track reject.

Next weekend is my first real ride on Sera to see how she rehabbed and if she is sound at canter. Keep your fingers crossed! I scheduled two lessons tho' so I can keep going with Rosso.

I sprayed our yard with 2,4-D this weekend to kill the weeds but not the grass. I have more grass seeds - blue grama, some buffalo and a little bit of white clover for nitrogen/natural fertilization to sow once the weeds are gone.

My dream is a yard of native, low growing, xeric grasses. We'll never have to mow! (Wait. We? I mean Furry Husband will never have to mow!)

My water lillies are going CRAZY. My tiny pond is too small for two full plants. I'm going to call Koi Lagoon to see if they'll take one and trade me for in store merchandise. Tho' I'm a little loathe to get rid of one. Sort of silly for me to keep both and overcrowd my pond tho'.

Toad is happy. I like to call her Esther, Furry Husband calls her Big Head Toad... we often find her sunning herself on the rocks and sitting in the pond with her head peeping out under a lilly pad. Last night she was near the house catchin' bugs like a good toad.

That'll do Toad. That'll do.


DebH said...

need a picture of that pond!! and I ditto on the monday blahs!! hate em,...I just keep buying a ticket...well once in awhile anyway and only when it gets up there, Someday..just perhaps someday, me and all my friends (and you have become a good one)will be just like your toad, sitting sunnin and enjoying the day! seems the lottery could be the only way for Monday free days!! Good for you on your horse training, you have one Full life my dear and I am so glad you share it!! :)

Cheryl said...

Awwww! Your place does sound like the farm in Babe. So cute Rosso knows how to hug. Even cuter that he always expects a cookie for it!

Good luck with Sera!

Anonymous said...

Yah, for you and yah for Rosso!! :D We love good rides!! And we love nice days with good grass and no weeds too! It takes me 3 hours to mow my lawn right now, I'd love to have a no mow lawn. Maybe I could move the horses out......maybe my husband would think I'd really lost it :D

Good luck with Sera, can't wait to hear how it goes!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you're making peace with Rosso.

Wanted to wish you a happy summer! Enjoy it!

Shanster said...

DebH - I know... we buy the lotto every once and a while too! Wouldn't it be nice? Ahhhhh....

Cheryl - thanks! Yeah, he's a softie on the ground that just wants to be loved...

Dedene - me too thanks and right back atcha!

Mommyrides - yes. Lets hope for more and more good rides... fingers crossed! Wow - 3 hrs... well, I know Furry Husband puts in tons of time behind the mower. I think it's good to keep husbands on their toes... mischevious grin.