Monday, February 1, 2016

Bees and Laughing

Hit up a beekeeping workshop this weekend.  It was so cool!  Held at the Butterfly Pavillion in Denver.  There are 4 more and they cover everything you need to know for beekeeping... hive set up, honey extraction, winterizing the hive...

Once it was over we called a honey place in Ft. Collins and bought a nuc of bees that will be ready for pick up the last week in April.  Nuc is like the nucleus of a hive... it's got bees already forming honeycomb, with an established queen and workers... they are Italian bees cuz those are most docile and easiest for beginners to deal with. 

Now we figure out how we want the hive and where we want it.  And now I am wondering how one picks up bees in their car?  Sure, I shove goats into my car with no hesitation, but goats don't sting.  heh.

Also ran to Country House to clean goat pens and visit my horse... remember the crazy neighbor I've talked about here?  She has been so freaking amazing thru all this turmoil.  She saw me and came over to talk while I was doing all the other stuff... she makes me laugh and everything is put into perspective.  She gets me out of my head.

I hate how much all that shit and negativity gets into my head.  I can't wait until I'm on the other side and none of that nasty stuff bugs me any more.  It bugs me less and less... but man, sometimes it roils around inside my brain - hello PMS.  And you figure that is normal - given those people were a large part of my life for 15+ years. 

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