Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year

Wow - I never post here anymore.  It seems life goes along without many blog worthy interesting things and one gets swept up in daily routine...

Let's see what's been going on in Shanster's world.

I've been working hard and eating real foods - cut way back on sugar and processed things.  I feel better than I ever have before.  It's actually fixed a lot of the brain bugs I've always had. 

Supposedly depression runs rampant on the paternal side o' the family and from what I hear, the maternal side hasn't been all that cheery either.  I figured fighting depression was par for the course, it was "normal" in our family and it was only going to get worse as I aged. 


Turns out eating fruits, tons of vegetables, proteins like beef, pork, poultry and fish with some dairy thrown in here and there (cuz after all I do milk goats two times a day)... has done WONDERS.  Add in some exercise... and voila.  Brain bugs gone.

Not to say I don't get sad or upset about certain things, of course I do.  Those things are still there, only there is not this oppressive, heavy weight to fight hanging on me all the time at every turn which is absolutely amazing and wonderful.

I learned and am learning how bad the diet and fitness industry is... lies mostly.  Low fat "diet" food crap is still crap.  It's still chemicals and processed food and marketing to the masses.  Your body doesn't know what to make of all that chemical, man-made food.  Eat like your great grandparents did, before there were 100 calorie snack packs of Oreos or strawberry filled low fat cereal bars or fruit loops or Velveeta.

You can eat a shit ton o' food as long as it's the right kind of food.  I eat so much more than I ever have in my entire life...and I've been told in my past that I can pack it away like an Iowa farm boy.  So yeah.  Now I eat MORE than an Iowa farm boy. 

A guy at work who is 6'4" - maybe 6'6"?  He says I am his hero because I eat so much.  I out eat him.  And I am now a size 8.  I have NEVER been a size 8.  Not in high school or college or even grade school.  Was always "the big boned" sort or in grade school the "extra baby fat" sort.   Not that size defines anything, I liked myself when I was larger and I like myself now.  That hasn't changed - I'm still the same person.  

I'm jus' sayin' for any non-believers - I EAT and I feel GOOD and I have decreased in size tho' I am only 5lbs lighter than I was when I was in high school and a size 12.  It's just now I am feeding myself right vs. Suzy Qs and Mountain Dew for breakfast, fast food for lunch and Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner... my body is loving it and responding to it in every possible way - emotionally and physically.

I eat a plate full o' vegetables - I'm talkin' 3-4 cups of broccoli with dinner - possibly more or 1/2 of a very large butternut squash or a head of large cauliflower... with some protein like 2 pork chops, a nice big steak or hunk of fish or 1/2 of a roasted chicken... add a bit o' fat (yup, I eat the chicken skin, and I drizzle my veggies with olive oil or flavor it with butter) cuz it ain't the enemy despite what conventional wisdom says and some carbs which are found in my veggies or I eat fruit cuz carbs aren't the enemy either and chow the *F* down.  People tell me my salad portions are enough to feed their whole family.  I am teased I should use a feed bag or a trough at meal times.  Yup.  And I love every single bite.

Conventional "exercise" putting yourself on the treadmill for hours isn't going to get you anywhere either. My workouts are sometimes 7 minutes and sometimes 30 minutes.  Rarely are they 45 minutes or over.  I work so hard I can barely breathe in those few minutes.  Plain ol' calisthenics - push ups, squats, pull ups, carrying or lifting heavy things and variations of those things.  Modify as needed to your ability.  Just work hard when you work.  Make it count.  It fires up your furnace for the rest of the day. 

Gots to work in tandem tho'... diet - not fad diet - but diet as in what you consume every day AND moving more.  You can't out-exercise crap food.  I started with diet and gradually added in exercise as I could.  I didn't change everything all at once - that would have been too overwhelming.  Baby steps. 

It's simple.  And hard. 

Of course I want to eat Doritos and Oreos and order a giant pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni with a giant Mountain Dew.  Yes, I want those chocolate chip cookies you are eating.  Of course I'd love to open a bag of kettle chip Lays potato chips.  And I would rather sleep in and lay on the couch...however our bodies were meant to move.  And with everything, habits are made the more you practice.  I move.

However, to me, not moving and eating poorly is simply not worth the depression or sleepless nights.  Besides - when you eat 3 large heads of broccoli and 2 pork chops with 32oz o' water for dinner?  You don't feel much like dialing up the ol' pizza palace cuz you are pretty full.

Anyway - that is where I've been I guess.  Learning all about that stuff.

I am still riding.  Still working on my flying changes - however in winter, I ride once and if I'm lucky twice a week so not like I'm drilling every day.  They are getting better and better.  I'm looking forward to longer days and more time in the saddle.

I am still practicing agility with my little dog, Toe.  He has 6 in-line weaves now and at the Novice level in AKC they only use 6 vs. 12 ... so I guess that means I should start entering competitions!  Gulp.  And I need to get my butt in gear to do 12... and I have NO IDEA why I have such a mental block or fear of weaves.  Rolling eyes at self.

We are fostering a rescue dog this month because we lost our big yellow dog about 3 months ago.  We are just now beginning to feel like we can move forward and test the doggie waters again.  I hope the foster is a positive experience.

My deceased Dad has been on my brain lately - there is some finder company that says they found some $ of his somewhere.  They will provide it to me for 20% of the cut.  They seem like mobsters to me when I talked with them.  Sounded just like Tony Soprano and his crew.

However, when I talked to the state treasurer, they say it's law that the funds will be released to the state in 5 years and to check the state site now and again.  I checked the other day and accidentally clicked on a link that LOOKED like the state treasurer - only it was another finder company and only after I entered Dad's name did I realize this.

Now I am being spammed with all sorts of things geared toward Dad and his "interests"... and his last years were pretty durned seedy as he lost his mind or maybe he finally let loose what was always there.  Who knows.  Do we ever truly know any one?  Maybe not.  So every day lately I've been reminded of all of his badness and everything I dealt with for the last years of his life.  And it is really bumming me out.  Not feeling so great about my family right now and where I came from.

So see?  Problems still there, they don't go away.  However, I can only imagine how bad they'd be if I was still jacked up on fake foods and thank goodness for my 10 minutes and 28 seconds of hard work this morning...helps get that aggression and bad feeling OUT. 

Endorphins.  Gotta love 'em.

And practicing the here and now.  I am here.  I have such a great life and such a great husband and friends and I have made the life I want.  Right here and right now.  Wolf!  (If you have not read Stephen King/Peter Straub and their book,  The Talisman - do it now!)

Hope everyone is well and still out there fighting the good fight!  Cheers!


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