Saturday, September 8, 2012

The nose knows!

Took a break and took Toe on a walk around our buildings (Saturdays I can park in the shade with my windows down so Toe gets to come with me to work and hang out in his car kennel) ... there are these wide gutters along some curbs and he is always so interested in them...

Today after investigating the gutters, there was a wild animal poop on the sidewalk that he investigated a long time... then he sniffed all along the building - up against it... to this employee area with picnic tables where some wild thing had raided the trash... my guess would be racoons.

It was just cool to watch his nose work, watch him investigate... track...back track... and then come upon this scene of trash and I could just imagine fat racoons emerging from the gutter... slinking along the buildings in the shadows and raiding the garbage.

Dogs is so cool.

Just had to share... for some reason it just tickled me today... tho' he is always sniffing... today I felt I could follow along with the story he was "reading".  grin.

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