Friday, January 11, 2013

Kitteh and The Turd

We have a little black tortoiseshell kitteh... she is about 2 now.  She was a pretty sick little kitteh when we got her home from the humane society until we figured out her issues.  She has to eat a certain type of canned cat food or she has explosive diarrhea.  I think I posted about it, no?

Anyway, because of this, we have to separate her when we feed the cats or she runs frantically from food dish to food dish and she eats all the food in each bowl with ONE GIANT BITE.  Our other cats were losing weight and looking at us with starving, hollow eyes because they weren't getting much if any food.

We started locking our little kitteh - affectionately called "Kettlebell" for her *ahem* round shape - in the bathtub and closing the shower door during meal times.  She gets her portion o' food, the other cats get their food, they put on weight and stopped looking at us with baleful, hungry stares and lashing tails. 

Win - win.

Sometimes, Kettlebell will poop in the bathtub.  shrug.  I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go.  At least it's easy clean up right? 

The other day, she pooped in the bathtub.  We hadn't had a chance to clean it up yet, however, we had opened the door and set her free.  Furry Husband was in the bathroom and heard a "rattle, rattle, rattle" coming from the bathtub.

Next thing you know, little Kettlebell pops up.  Cute, dainty, furry paws on the edge of the tub, sweet face with wide-eyed wonderment ... and her own turd in her mouth!  She had been batting it around the bathtub and was apparently going to make a mad dash somewhere else to play with it.

I just heard a panicked, deep shout of, "DROP IT!"  outta Furry Husband from the bathroom...

And it still makes me laugh.

What cat plays with it's own turds??   Only in our house.  Hooo boy.   Sheesh.  

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