Saturday, August 18, 2012

I really AM still alive!

For real and for true... I am ALIVE!  grin. 

First of all, Rosso did find a new home with the woman who took him for a 30 day trial.  She LOVES him and he is at the barn I ride clinics at so I can see him sometimes.  Not that he cares a fig for me anymore. 

I stopped by there on my way somewhere and she had Rosso out, in cross ties.  He looked so happy and relaxed while she doted on him.  She takes him trail riding.  Good for her and good for Rosso.  They are a perfect match and I feel incredibly good about it all.  Amazing how finding the right place clicks for everyone involved.  Old owner, new owner, horse... everyone wins.   Big happy sigh.

Secondly, the little old QH horse, Mack, is living with us.  He is adorable.  15.3hh, chestnut with a blaze and white sock.  Tho' when we went to pick him up, his owner looked at his papers and he is 27 not 23.  whoops. 

I don't care.  He is welcome.  Sera and he have become fast friends... and he is boss over her.  Which is funny since Sera is bossy when I ride her... you would think she'd put up more of a fight but she is happy as the low one on the totem pole.  Mack is fair and so old that when he winds up to kick out it takes him so long to actually follow through she is easily 3 miles away.  It's pretty funny to see the wind up maneuvers.  And he starts with a high pitched, long drawn out squeal... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

He sounds like a pig. 

Maybe we should call him Wilbur.

I travelled 6 weeks of the summer this year.  Ow.  Being away from home that much almost physically hurts me because I love my home so much.  Everything dear to me is there.  Furry Husband, our goggies, the cats, goats and my beloved Sera Sue...

I am hoping the travelling will lead to something good in the near future... possible promotion?  Fingers crossed.  Ultimately it will lead to that regardless... tho' I'd rather it happen sooner vs. a in a couple years. 

I am still running agility with Toe. 

I am still our worst enemy.  Oy my handling. 

I hear it gets better. 

We'll see. 

I'm going to a low key show in Laramie, WY tomorrow as a matter of fact.  We won't qualify for anything since we don't have our weaves down yet.  I'm going more to get over MY nerves, see how Toe does in new places... a training op.  Sort of like taking a young horse to a schooling show.... only Toe is 25lbs and fits in my lap which is most definitely un-horse-like.

Sera is awesome.. I had some chiropractic done on her by a wonderful DVM in the spring.  Sera was great about it all except she was very much OH NO YOU DON'T about her neck.  There was no adjusting or forcing any adjustments, tho' we xray'd her neck.  She has some bone chips there.  The vet was looking at the x-rays and told me, "Don't panic ok?  You've been riding her and she is fine.  You will keep riding her and she will be fine."  

I am too ignorant to know better.  I did not panic.  I guess more knowledgeable horse people freak the hell out when there are bone chips in the neck.  

Anyway, I had her injected around the site - there are arthritic changes going on there - and was told to not let anyone adjust her neck chiropractically because it could move bone chips which are very near the spine and cause permanent, neurological damage...tho' acupuncture is fine if I want to go that route in assisting the injections and having them possibly last longer.

Since being injected Sera is much more even in my hands and rein, willingly forward, willingly stretching down more, much more compliant about the difficult work... floppy ears... oh, she still has her moments.  She is a red-head TB mare after all.  I mean c'mon.  Tho' it's been interesting to see the changes in how much more willingly she goes without some low level pain going on in her neck.  

And I guess that is about it.  We'll see if I can't commit to posting a little more now that I'm back home and summer is almost over?   I hope you all are doing WELL and you are all HAPPY!

Big MWAH!  (that is me kissing you)


Laura Crum said...

So great to hear from you! Glad all is well.

Shanster said...

Me too! I have to go check out your blog, I know you've been posting!