Saturday, August 18, 2012


Oh and while I'm posting....

I'm on Facebook now. 

It's always sorta scared me... I am socially inept as it is, I didn't need a new social media I could offend someone with.  What if someone from a past job or past experience wanted to friend me and I didn't want them to see my current life and I hurt their feelings and I feel all weird and fretting on the inside cuz this person from my past that maybe I don't have fond memories of but they seem to have fond memories of ME and how creepy is that.... is now a friend on facebook?   (Uh.  Righty-o Shanster.  Cuz you life is SOOOOO exciting and SOOOOO intimate and SOOOOOO secretive.)

I finally and reluctantly joined facebook cuz the fitness blogs that I liked shut down and only posted there.

I am new to the whole eat right and exercise crowd... I like reading about it, learning more about it and I like the motivating phrases/pictures/stories.  My facebook page is mostly that sort of thing.  If it won't bore you... you are more than welcome to come find me.  I don't know how to tell you to find me.  I am hopelessly facebook illiterate....

Shannon Schierling.

VERY facebook illiterate.  I tried to message someone on a BIG, POPULAR facebook page with thousands upon thousands of followers or friends or whatever the hell everyone in facebook is....and it posted out there for everyone to see and it freaked me out and I scrambled and "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit'd" my way out of it frantically ... envisioning internet weirdos (uh.  like yourself Shanster?) descending upon me.  (doing WHAT exactly Shanster?  I don't KNOW but I'm sure something very very terrible and life altering in a very bad, disfiguring sort of way ... as if they could even get past our mean dog, Keenan.  Riiiiigghhhht.  THEY are the ones who would be disfigured in a permanent, life altering, very bloody way.)

Anyway.  Decided I was being overly dramatic. (ya think?)  So if you want to friend me where I seem to check in for brief periods of time here and there, to post motivational pix of fitness crap feel free.  Tho it's not very interesting or exciting.  grin.

It's like on Seinfeld... my facebook world and my blog world are colliding.  Tho I am both and one in the same.  Heh.  Did that even make sense?  I sort of don't think so.

I think ultimately the message here is:

Turns out that a profound lack of drama or excitement  ='s a very happy life.  


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