Wednesday, February 1, 2012

yo-yo-yo word....

No.  Not that sort o' word...not to yo' mutha...

WORD for the year.

Yesterday was my lunchtime yoga class.  I absolutely LOVE my instructor, most of the things she discusses before class really resonate with me for some reason.  They click and make sense in my little life.  Yoga is my brain candy... I like the peace it brings the hamster running on the wheel called "my brain".
Yesterday she talked about having a word for the year... said she asks people to think of a word specifically on Nov. 1 - something to do with alignment (some of the yoga concepts are over my head - can only take so much in) and it becomes this seed planted in the ground to grow in the coming year, right?  A visual about your word. 
I was not in that particular class... I didn't know about the word thing...and of course it is fine that you didn't have a word in November and she asked us to think about what a good word for the year might be.
My word flashed into my head like a giant neon sign.
Right around November 1 is when I wanted to become stronger and started investigating the body weight stuff... I have been thinking STRENGTH since November.  Took some pix o' myself November 2nd to track progress and body composition changes.  Co-inky-dink?  I think not. 
This may be too fru-fru for you vs science based  - maybe a little too Mulder and not enough Scully - and yet, I think things happen for a reason and there are no coincidences.   
When she was talking about all this and how right now is the "quickening" when your word is really wanting to burst forth and you have all this energy surrounding your word and what it means to you.  
I've had this renewed energy and increased motivation for my workouts....?   Furry Husband was saying the other day I seem a little "obsessed".  Heh.  Me?  I have had a lot of excitement about it - reading and researching it all. 
Very interesting.
My word, that I didn't have to think about and have been focusing on since November,  is STRENGTH.  And of course this can cover many other aspects of my life - not just physical strength but the strength to do what I think needs to be done vs. what others think (I think I easily cave to go with status quo), emotional strength (to conquer fears I have) etc.
Just thought it was cool. 
She said to think of your word often - when you are lagging or tired think of your word and it will help you move toward that word.  Of course it goes right along with setting goals, it's not like it's magic or some sort of yogini juju ...  sure is a neat way to think of it tho!  An idea, planted... growing and becoming something of substance in your world/mind/body.
Now, think of a word YOU want to focus on this year.   Let's move toward that idea, word, goal, concept in 2012...
AND speaking of strength... here is a YouTube link for some amazing "wow" factor.  This is my body weight role model, Al Kavadlo.  Check this man out... talk about some serious STRENGTH.   Dang. 


DebH said...

Ok..I need a word! For the life of me I can't come up with one. Thinking...thinking...thinking...

WeldrBrat said...

I am gonna HAVE to find me a yoga class! Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Although.. me trying to pull that stunt off that Al's pulling off in the video... dunno. Trying to picture me doin' it. But Betty White keeps popping into my head. LMAO!

Funder said...

I think I'm working on honesty, same as last year. I very rarely lie, even for politeness's sake, but I often remain silent rather than saying something true and painful. There's gotta be healthy medium between saying nothing at all and telling all your friends exactly what they're doing wrong! ;)