Friday, August 26, 2011

THE talk....

The below link came to me from Girlfriend # 1.
JUST after I talked to Girlfriend #2 about how her daughter wrote a short story in one of her school classes about their dog "humping" a favorite doggie toy.  Daughter was talked to by the teacher and told "humping" isn't an appropriate topic to write about. 
Daughter didn't understand why.
Girlfriend #2 had to have THE talk with her.  
When Girlfriend #2 was telling me about it, we were laughing about her poor daughter's response as she began to put the dots together about how she was created.  She was very clearly horrified and disgusted that adults actually do this.
Then I got this link to Minnesota Public Radio and Julia Sweeney's monologue about having "the talk" with her 8 yr old daughter.  How very timely....

Warning:  This may make you laugh so hard you spritz a little pee..... 

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