Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hey - I read about this group called The Mile High Swappers in our local paper....  (no - not THAT swapping... think those people are called "swingers".... heh heh)
People sign up for an event - think they have them once a month.  Limited number of people allowed - first come first served sort of thing.... you bring 5 servings of something homemade.
You go around and look to see what other people brought...  if you are interested in what they have, you sign up on their sheet.... if people want what you have, they sign your sheet... then you swap your stuff for other people's stuff and so on... so I could bring goat cheese and/or goat lotion or soap....
The newspaper article said there are all sorts of things...  elk sausage... canned goods... pies.... baked goods.... honey.... preserves.... etc, etc, etc.
I signed up for their website today - they usually do the swaps in Denver but for the first time are coming to Ft. Collins area - which is why it was in the paper.  
There is a Sept. 18 swap... 11am to 1pm.... guess you are alerted when you can sign up over e-mail....I joined their website so I can be alerted....   could be a sort of neat thing? 
I'm all about the barter system baby!
If anyone in the Denver/Boulder/Northern Co area is interested their site is

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Cheryl said...

Haha, yes I did think that at first...

Good idea, though. Wonder i there's one down here. Would love to find someone who makes America style ranch dressing. Tried the Argentinian kind. Horrible, horrible...:-(