Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Went to Mountain States dog show this weekend... picked up a second leg for Toe's novice title.  His heeling is still really sort of suck-i-licious. 

Like a banana flavored Tootsie pop. 

You think it's gonna be good until you put it in your mouth and then all you wanna do is lick the carpet to take the flavor away....

BUT, my good friend and dog diva, Hez, was there and watched us go.  She gave very helpful advice and it was like a life line given to someone floundering in a pool of heel. 

We'll see if I can't work on making Toe and I's heeling much better and not so painful to watch for the English Cocker National show at the end of the month.  English Cocker National??   Wha?? 

It's the SUPERBOWL for English Cocker Spaniels.... think of  Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl.....only all English Cockers.... YAAAAAAAA

The people who created Toe are are gonna be there and my goal was to get his Novice title in front of them... give a little shout out to their breeding program, kennel name and a thank-you for my wonderful, stump-tailed, happy dog that I love.

In honor of dogs, dog training and the challenges one might find therein, please go read the posts listed below.  You won't be sorry.




I was having trouble taking in air after reading these posts because I laughed so hard .... it was a welcome change from the sadness of the last post.

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