Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cringe, cringe, cringe....

Toe went to his Novice B class today with B and T, his breeders, watching.

Uh.  Right.

It was as if he'd never heeled a day in his LIFE.

He was all over the place, never once looking at me.... it was awful.  I had to call him to heel 300 times and even then he never looked up and he maybe only thought about where I was for a brief moment before he resumed sniffing, investigating and circling halfway across the ring... 

Worst he's ever been and as you can see from the Mountain States video in the last post... it's not like we've ever been rockstar with our heeling as it is.



What can you do other than keep going? 

Dogs and horses.  They keep you humble. 

We finished our class, we did NOT qualify, which doesn't surprise me.  I'm tellin' ya, it was B - A - D, BAD... and not a in good bad ass way either.

Monday we take our first agility class.  At least we will be under instruction and anything we learn can only help.  It couldn't get worse.   I don't think anyway....

I've heard/read about how you have to be the cookie for your dog.  Be the best, most exciting thing so they want to be focused on you and they are ready to spring into action with any word you might utter.


I was mos' def'ntly NOT the cookie today.

I was a piece of 3 month old, unappetizing, boring, dull piece of dryer lint off in the far corner calling Toe heel!  Toe heel!   Toe heel!   


Cheryl said...

Haha! That's terrible! But funny too. if only you could buy that dog collar from Up somewhere.

DebH said...

ahhh...everyone is entitled to an off day! You'll definitely remember this one anyway. Seems it goes that way sometimes and those are the ones you remember best!
I've not been able to check in on the bloggins much lately as we are in the middle of a "Not the 100yr Flood but now they say the 500yr Flood"! if you see it on the national news...its a big one. Unreal is all I can say and June just starting with all the rain it brings..Yowzer!!
We might just be floating your way soon some day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shanster!!! Toe is so CUTE!!!! And he is just filled with such JOY!!!! And ya his heeling needs some work but hey with all those people around just wanting to say hello to him because he is just so stinking cute!!! I mean really....it's quite understandable, hee hee!!!!

Shanster said...

cheryl - I know! I would love that collar!

DebH - yes... well, we had a REALLY off day! grin. Take care and keep safe with all this melt-off!!!

mommyrides - he IS so cute! That is what everyone that knows him says - he went visitin' cuz he knows how cute he is and knows everyone wants to meet him. grin. Boy do I love that dog!