Friday, April 8, 2011

Headed to the dog show....

So the staple WAS causing Toe's foot distress and now that it's out, he is sound.   Since I paid entry fees for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Terry-All dog show for Novice Obedience, I still want to go.

I found a drop-in obedience class in town Wednesday night at 6:15pm and thought it'd be good to see how he did and get him out and about.  I rushed home from work, rushed around to finish chores - loaded Toe in the car and headed to class.

Uh... yeah.

I haven't practiced in a couple weeks cuz of his foot, Toe's been on "bed rest" and taking it easy, not going anywhere or doing anything ... there were 2 other dogs there who were PERFECT... completely and totally perfect.

And Toe was like a child who just drank massive amounts of red dye #5.

He was way ahead or way behind or way wide for heeling... rarely sat when I stopped... when I called him to come? He ran right past me.... when I told him to find heel he sat in front of me looking at me like I was speaking Russian and he had never heard those words before in his life.... the stand for exam? He got so wiggle butt happy to see a perfect stranger that he sat....


Well, I will provide entertainment at least!  Hey - those other exhibitors should pay ME for making their dogs look good...   maybe I'll set out a tip jar.  grin.

*pssst - I guess blogger has a new editing tool... if ya go to the "settings" tab, under "select post editor" and choose  the new, updated editor, your posts won't run together anymore.  Sweet!

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Kelley said...

hee!hee!hee! Way to get it out of your system before the show!! : )