Saturday, April 16, 2011


Had a lesson on Rosso today.  First one in a couple weeks due to spring vaccinations on one Saturday and Rex being out of town the next weekend....

He warmed up per usual on the lunge line - very obedient.  I climbed aboard.  Fine.  We walked around to warm up, kicked it up to trot and he was really good and forward and listening.  He had a short walk break and when I asked him for trot again, he did his thing... but only for a moment.  He gave it up and we went on.

Rex said we should give him a break before going to canter... I was like ... ummmm no. He is naughtier when he's had a break cuz he doesn't want to go back to work so I'd rather do the canter work now.

Unless you think we should try to get thru that b.s. again. She said no - lets go ahead and do canter work and not ask for a fight.

I started on his right side - the side that is weaker for him - it's better to do the harder stuff earlier when they are less tired vs. them being tired AND having to do difficult stuff on their hard side...  I asked him to canter and he farted and kicked and bucked.

I brought him down to trot and I have to ask again cuz now we are IN IT.   If I give up now, he knows if he makes a fuss, he won't have to do it and his "fuss" will get bigger and nastier. So I ask again - head shaking and trying to buck again... back down to trot... ask again. He cantered - it was the wrong lead but he cantered and it was decent and not trying to be a jerk.

We turned and went the other direction... again - bucking and farting when asked to canter - or attempting to buck anyway - always feels MUCH bigger when you are on them than seeing it from the ground. Took a couple tries of bringing him down to trot and re-asking and then got a canter and it was good and forward and no bullshit.

I let him walk and then we were done.  Felt good.  I didn't lose my seat at all - I stayed on - I won the battle and every time this happens I will gain more and more confidence. Told Rex - if a fearless 19 yr old comes along and wants to go galloping over hill and dale - Rosso is theirs.

In the meantime, I'll keep riding and building confidence and until he can learn to be a polite member of society under saddle he'll have to live in the indoor when he's ridden. Once he's more obedient and I know what his crap is and I feel confident I can handle it - ultimately that is my fear - that things will spiral out of control and I won't be able to handle it and bad injuries will occur to him and me.

Once I have that confidence, we'll ride outdoors again.... I'm learning and I'm good with where things are now. At least I'm on him and dealing with his stuff successfully... it will only get better. Will make me stronger and a better horse person.

Anyway - feels good to have conquered! Good lesson for both Rosso and me for different reasons! Tomorrow I get to ride my girl, Sera, and I know that is always a good lesson.... my reward for riding the brat-child.

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