Monday, May 5, 2014

Trips to France and Old does named Spot

Dave - ok Furry Husband is..... Dave.  grin.  I called him that on the blog cuz I was trying to protect his identity for whatever reason and he IS furry.  His friends used to tease me that I only married him cuz he reminded me of another animal because I am the big animal dork and get geeked easily by all things animal.  And thinking about it... yes.  Maybe that is true.  Maybe that IS part of his charm to me.  His furry-ness. 

Anyway, Dave was in France for two weeks on a wine trip with his distributor.  And yes... it was "work" and spouses don't go.  I was on my own at home and really it was ok because I love our little house and I love the life we created.  It was a bit lonely without him there and taking care of our place is much more fun with him around. 

To make sure I didn't have any "I'm so JEALOUS" feelings, I took some additional time off from work to help me not feel too overwhelmed with stuff around our place and I planned some fun things for myself here and there.

A trip to Denver to have lunch with a girlfriend I don't see much.  A massage.  A pedicure.  I splurged and spend $40 on some used CDs and grapefruit spoons. Yup.  Grapefruit spoons.  I bought a cute orange spaghetti straps, above the knees consignment dress for $17.  Yow!

I know, I know LIVING LARGE huh Shanster?!  Seriously?  Grapefruit spoons?!   However, it is about the small things and taking care of ourselves however that is.

I do have a funny story to share about my big project I decided I would do while he was gone... as if there isn't enough to do when you are on your own and working and taking care of the animals and house on your own....

However, I started blogging again cuz I was gonna be all goat whisperer on y'all. 

How's that working for you Shanster?


After my two epic fails (see last post), Dave left and I got so busy that I didn't click or treat my little goatie oat. 

Tho' twice, she came out of the pen and scurried right into the milk room with barely a touch on her collar.  So I tempted fate last night.  Let her out...with no touch on her collar and whoops... off she ran. 

I got the saltine crackers out, I clicked and treated for any movement toward me... any time I reached for her collar tho, she was outta there.  So I fed the old doe, Spot, the saltines and ruminated on things about goat whispering.  Ruminate - get it?  They have rumens!  oh... I'm so funny. 

One by one I fed old Spot crackers... crunch, crunch, crunch went the old goat... smack, smack, smack went her lips.

"HEY...what is she getting???!!!"  said the keep away doe... and she came trotting over to see... click - saltine... click - saltine.... I took her collar... and we walked in the milk room.

Thanks for the assist Spot!

Anyway - decided I will click and treat for me moving to take her collar... take it back to the most elemental thing I can think of.  Cuz right now... if I could just take her collar when she is loose, THAT would be super helpful.  Silly goat.

And Silly Hoo-man for attempting to goat whisper.

Eh - blame it on NPR.  THEY are the ones who had the story about researchers and smart goats.... givin' me all kinds of high and mighty goat whisperin' ideas.   Hmph! 

Happy Monday and enjoy your Cinco de Mayo!  Margaritas for all! 

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