Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washington DC

Had to spend some time at our Nation's capitol.   Shew.  BIG city.  Makes Denver look like a small cow town.  Which I suppose it is....moo.

Had a funny story from a morning I was there -

Stopped at a place to get some eggs one morning – it was cheaper than The Corner Bakery or Au Bon Pain… there were two women inside, one waiting for food ... the other sitting at the counter eating a breakfast sammich.

The one waiting for food was mad about a co-worker and talking very loudly… was calling her a “muther fu*&#ing rat tooth muther fu*&er”

Alrighty then.  Turns out I didn’t need much coffee that morning, eye opening enough at 7am.  Grin.

I bought a sea salt caramel at a place called Chop’t - it's a salad place at lunch.  Good thing I only bought one.  Those things are like crack and I turned into a sea salt caramel crack whore.   I wanted 20 or 30 of those rat tooth muther f*&ing candies…. didn’t have time, had to get back to class cuz my lunch break was over.

Furry Husband was struggling with first milker goat teats while I was away.  They are very tiny, teensy, small in his big man hands and the goats were objecting … lots of kicked over buckets.  Poor Furry Husband.  Good thing goats don’t speak… they are learned lots of good cuss words last week… maybe as much as me!


Funder said...

OH GOD AU BON PAIN I would drop this stupid no-grains diet in a HEARTBEAT for an au bon pain chocolate croissant. Good thing I wasn't in DC!

ROFL, rat toothed MFer salted caramels are GOOD. I make them every year for Christmas presents.

DebH said...

oh man! I am gonna remember that phrase. I like the colorful way you can hurl a string of rightforthe moment words. Somedays just call for it! Gad, I can guess that that worker has a REAL potty mouth when she's really pissed though. I am a little twisted when it comes to colorful profanity though. Seems I can come up with a string of words that'll make a sailor blush. I don't use them at work though..control..yessiree..self control! and Washington DC? How fun and interesting is that! I'll have to go some day. And I've heard about salt caramels. That is a good idea for giving that goats milk caramel a kick! You have some new goats? I've struggled with a few of those miniature teats before and finally bought a madigan milker, or I think thats what its called. OMG!!! Shoulda done that ages ago. They are a serious help!!
AND good to hear from you!!

Laura Crum said...

Shanster--You are too funny! Now I want a sea salt caramel. I hope your goats are doing well.