Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Keenan Story...

Keenan... our "problem" child dog.  She's made a lot of progress and is still a work in progress with her issues. 

She goes to doggie daycare 2x a week.  It's an extravagance for sure, however, it helps with her energy levels.  High energy = more devotion to her issues and escalating issues.  Daycare keeps her socializing with dogs (even tho' in the real world she wants to kill all strange dogs).  We figure it's good for her right now while she's young and we are working through these things.

Furry Husband came home the other day, "Honey, guess what Keenan did at daycare today?"

Oh, I would have no idea...

"She figured out how to open the door and led ALL the daycare dogs outside!" 

Nice.  The outside is a fenced area so no dogs were exactly in danger...but I know the daycare groups certain dogs together and lets Group A outside during certain times and Group B at other times etc.  Not a good thing to have different groups - segmented for size, temperaments etc - milling around all at once. 

It's like the West Side Story - Sharks vs. Jets meeting all at once....

Guess the employees corrected her from then on each time she tried the door and she just kept trying.. the owner told me she must've tried at least 30 times.   Yup.  Sounds like our Keenan.  

The little angel.

After that day, when we drop Keenan off, the employees shout to each other - "Keenan's here!" and bungee cords go on the lever handled doors.

A couple weeks later Furry Husband walks in the door after picking up our deviant canine... "Honey... guess what Keenan did today in daycare..."

Hoo boy... I'm afraid to ask.

Guess Keenan figured out how to open the slick, metal knob door to the lobby/retail area of daycare.  She stood on her hind legs and worked the knob with her 2 front paws til it opened.  (Did I mention when we let her out into our yard, or we are out doing chores, we have to lock our doors or she lets herself inside - our front door gaping wide open and she is lounging happily on the couch or bed....having a wicked smaht dog is super fun.) 

She happily opened it and led all the dogs merrily into the lobby to peruse the retail shelves....

Christmas shopping would be my guess.

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DebH said...

no that is funny! Definitely one smart cookie. I like those animals with character and sounds like she's loaded. Did you say she had a mix of Husky or Norwegian Elk Hound? We had a few of those and they are one of a kind. I remember you did a blood test that told you a result but seriously she is going to be classified as Keenan I'm afraid. I love a dog that makes her presence known. Especially like the employees announcing when Keenan has arrived. Gad...I chuckled. Gotta get a youtube on her someday, she could win you some serious cash on Funny Videos...or at the least go viral on the internet!