Monday, September 26, 2011

Even with the hole, he's fine.

Goat vet came out yesterday.  Furry Husband and I donned our Dickies one last time to go hold the buck while goat vet took a look at him.

Bucks stink this time o' year.  They do this gross thing to attract the does.. the pee all over themselves.   Very much a "golden shower" fetish going on with goats.  And they stink and they are sort of sticky from all the pee in various stages of drying....

We wear the Dickies to protect....and I bought some nifty gloves that are thin and like they have been dipped in rubber... they provide grip and feel.  Most excellent when trying to hold onto an animal that wants to leave or having to give shots to said animal.  

Vet ripped the gauze pads off one at a time... and buck reared up, broke his collar and ran away.  Bet it hurt like a mutha'.  However, all the skin is pink and red underneath... no swellings or oozings or green putrid smelling things.   Bonus!

There is still a hole on the right horn... the one that was sawed off.  I asked if we should be concerned... goat vet says no.... it will heal in 6-8 weeks.  


Tonight is agility... wish us luck!  


DebH said...

Luck to you! And good deal on the healing process. I bet it smarted. Darn animals anyway, you gotta give them credit..people need major pain killers to heal. Goats I swear have the stamina that rivals a bull. I had one of my exceptional jumpers hang up in a fence this summer. She was my first amputee and it was not pretty. NOT AT ALL! I am still working with her and she still milks, eats and hops on 3 like she could jump a fence any day now. Vet told me it was going to be a project, but the first thing I look, I mean smell for, is rotting flesh. Now I know why I'm not a Dr. But, it'll be about 2 more months!
Hope you conquer your Agility class!!

Shanster said...

Yes, those goats are TOUGH! Wow - keep us posted on your girl!! Sounds like she will be good as new under your care!