Monday, November 27, 2017

Coming back

2 yrs after the apocalypse of my divorce and I'm finally starting to feel I'm coming back.

I moved Sera a 2nd time to a new barn.  It's smaller, their management is much more horse friendly and closer to what I'm used to, the people there are super nice and I'm really liking it.  Sera is happier too.  She has been there 3 weeks and so far I'm actually RIDING regularly.  She's been confident and relaxed and I feel like I have my old horse back vs. a completely unhappy devil horse.

Also, last week I re-signed up with my Muay Thai gym, only due to a FB page I am following that called for you to do something different, I am now doing some Jiu Jitsu.  I've never "rolled" before and know nothing about it.  Had my second class today and had the following observations:

1. It is SO COOL to use your body in different movement patterns - or similar movement patterns but with a purpose other than pushing a barbell. ie: weighted bridges with a barbell vs. weighted bridge with a 175lb man on top of you and your intent is to bridge and get them off of you
2. There is so much to learn. Brain freaking overload. BUT I totally embrace the suck and know you gotta start somewhere and usually that somewhere is sucking as...s... if I keep going things will start to make sense with angles and weight and body movement.
3. It is really weird to "mount" strange men and have strange men "mount" me and I keep saying to myself "don't make this creepy, don't make this creepy, don't make this creepy" AND then I get into trying to figure it all out and it is totally not creepy. (my brain still goes there tho' even while watching the demonstrations - can't help it)
4. Fresh breath is going to be a priority. You are right up in people's faces breathing hard.
5. That gi? omg. It is heavy and hot and the whole class my brain is screaming get it off me, get it off me. However, you gotta lean into the uncomfortable... so I'm hoping it won't feel like I'm wrapped in a carpet after some more classes. 
6. I'm glad I ripped the band aid and am going to class and learning incredibly cool new things. Way cool. Loving it

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